People have been using subliminal messages for decades now. It all started with the experiments in the 1950s into subliminal messaging, which eventually led to them being banned within advertising.

This caused interest in subliminal messages on a personal level – people wanted to harness their power to help them make changes in their minds and lives – to transform negative and limiting beliefs, self perceptions, and things such as lacking confidence and personality changes – all things within the mind basically.

But more and more people have been using subliminal albums to go beyond this – or at least try to. i.e. using subliminals not only to cause a change in perspective within the mind, but to influence a physical change in the body!

Are Subliminal Messages Really This Powerful?

It might sound unlikely, but the concept is not actually that far fetched. First of all it is important to not that they will not be instant, or dramatic changes, but slight, and gradual.

You are aiming to target elements in the mind and beliefs which cause physical responses. Take the example of using subliminals to reverse gray hair – it will work in a simply way to direct your mind to send energy to your hair cells and send nutrition and energy to encourage melanin production.

A healthy mind, and strong beliefs can influence the mind and body in ways not yet fully understood. Subliminal messages can enter your mind to change your mood, thoughts, self beliefs, your behaviour, and are now being understood to make gradual, positive physical changes in the body – even doing such things as helping recovery from illness and injury.

Source by Dan Bainbridge