Canuck Method is a binary options trading software that has just been released. Is it able amplify the profits of online investors? Can users rely on it as a trustworthy profit-increaser? Or maybe is just the next web-based hoax?

There is not much data that is accessible on the Internet about Canuck Method. This is why we can not be 100% certain whether it falls under the scam or legit category.

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Launched a long time ago, the Canuck Method is created by Jake Mason. He claims that this investment tool can generate profits withing the first 30 minutes of signing up. Traders can use it in a long term in order to become financially independent. But is this true? Can Canuck Method be the online investment tool everyone is looking for or is it just a scam? Read the review below to see what our team found!

The large number of automated trading robots available on the market these days has made the traders’ choice very complicated. Each and every day there are numerous complaints about scam tools connected with the online trading process. One of those tools is Canuck Method by Jake Mason.

From what we could found, the software is not at all professional, nor advanced, and it executes trades at the wrong time, doing wrong predictions and wrong analyzes. While it has the potential to lose substantial income on its own, it is crucial that traders customize the settings based on their preferences and monitor their progress on a daily basis.

If you want to achieve success in online trading – this binary options software is not the best choice for you. It doesn’t have a proven record for success and it is not preferred by any expert traders in this field.

How To Use?

The Canuck Wealth System is an automated robot. But when traders are using it, it is recommended to sit at their computers and constantly monitor the markets and how the analyses of the patterns are proceeded. Most of the times those processes are resulting into financial losses especially when the automated mode is turned on.

The Canuck Method is a system that does not require any download processes maintained by the users. But this is not something different from any other software available on the market these days. There are problems reported while using it on many operating systems and mobile applications for iOS and Android. The system is definitely giving some technical bugs from the very beginning and since now there are not fixed.

Should You Get Started?

When trying to open an account, users might face some problems because the entire process is complicated and not hassle free. Getting access to the software is claimed to be free, but once you make the first deposit and switch it to auto mode you might see your investments disappear.

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The 3 steps to getting started with the Canuck Method are similar to other automated trading tools – first is the sign up, afterwards comes the opening an account at a broker and funding it. Many complaints are made towards the withdrawal process – the funds are stuck in the account and no one from the customer support can answer when the transactions are going to take place.

Returns & Price

Since the Canuck Method is not a profitable system, the return rate on investments is quite low for this industry. Traders cannot expect more than 30% returns which is a big disappointment. The auto trading robot has demonstrated inconsistency when it comes to achieving any kind of results or generating any profits for the investors.

If you want to use the Canuck Method to amplify your earnings, then there is bad news for you. It is not a 100% scam free software and there are also some hidden charges or taxes that may occure.

Canuck Method – Scam or Not?

There are many things about this software that made us define the Canuck Method as an unreliable and not trustworthy tool. The success stories and reviews that have been published online are not genuine, but paid. We cannot verified the information on the official website of the system and we were not able to find any true in the claims of Jake Mason during his video presentation. There is no reason for traders to use this software when there are trusted and proven to work systems.

The Canuck Method is not one of those systems that has basic trading features. All of its features are pretty unusable which gives the software a drop down in the list of trusted and profitable trading solutions available on the market. Our team detected many elements of suspicion associated with the software.

In fact, users are having a lot of troubles as far as results and profits are concerned. The Canuck Method is not a legit piece of software which is not worth your time nor your investments.

Any Special Features?

The one and only thing we liked about the Canuck Method is that the platform is user-friendly and offers easy navigation. But first there aren’t many features traders can benefit from and second – the software does not give the users full control over the performance of the trades.

By making use of the features, traders can enhance their chances of making more mistakes and to place more and more losing trades. One of the recommended robots is QProfit System, created by Jerry Douglas and proved to be 100% scam-free.

Customer Service

Each and every automated tool that is launched online has customer support for its users. The Canuck Method is no different. They claim to have a team of professional representatives who are available to answer questions and resolve trading related issues but there is no answer when we tried to contact them. So you should not rely on them when issues start to occur.

Final Words

Our team concluded that the Canuck Method is not a reliable system for online investments. Its features cannot help traders in maximizing their capital and its accuracy is too low. This trading system has been on the market for a long time and the only feedback it had gained is negative. In our opinion this is not a promising auto trading tool and investors should avoid it. We can say that Canuck Method is not a legit system and therefore we cannot recommend it.

Final Verdict

High_risk_stamp_t10StrategyThe investigation we executed into the matter whether the Canuck Method binary options trading software is trustworthy or not did not provide us with reliable enough data. This means that it is most likely a scam. As Canuck Method can not be regarded as a profitable and safe solution, we advise all our users to turn to a trusted robot.

This is the only way of being certain that your profits will be protected and safe.

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