Here is some information about Carbon Copy Pro, which might be helpful. Carbon Copy Pro is not a product. It is actually a marketing system known as a feeder system. It is there goal to feed potential customers to Wealth Masters International. When you join Carbon Copy Pro, you will receive a web site, which has been duplicated from another web site. Your web site will look like all the other web sites given to those who join Carbon Copy Pro.

Because all the web sites look exactly the same, this can present a problem. Take for instance a customer visits your web site, he likes it, and now he wants to return to your web site. He is going to have a difficult time telling one web site from another. So which one is yours? You can lose sales that way. You might want to consider creating your own web site and videos. As long as you have good content on your videos, visitors will watch them.

Now that you have paid the $49 it costs to get into the sales site, you will receive a disk, which is an interview between two of the founders, Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard. The next fee you are going to pay will be If you need information regarding Carbon Copy Pro, the following information should be helpful. First you might need to know, “what is a feeder system?” A feeder system is basically a marketing system which feeds potential customers into another company. In this case, Carbon Copy Pro feeds potential customers into Wealth Masters International. Carbon Copy Pro is not an actual product. With Carbon Copy Pro you will get a simulated web site, which features one of the founders.

Having a simulated web site, such as the web site you will receive from Carbon Copy Pro, can cause problems because customers interested in buying into the system will receive a web site which looks exactly like yours. It is difficult for a returning potential customer to discern between one web site and another because they all look exactly the same. The customer wishing to make the purchase on a return visit could end up at someone else’s web site, instead of returning to yours. You have just lost a sale. It is important for you to make your own web site, and make your own videos. If you have video with good content, people will watch them.

When you combine Carbon Copy Pro with Wealth Masters International, the two together can be a bit expensive. The first fee involved is the $49 fee, which will give you access to the sales site. You will then be sent a disk, which has an interview with Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard, another one of the founders of Carbon Copy Pro.

Once you have joined Carbon Copy Pro, you will then be required to join Wealth Masters International. This fee will cost you $99. After you have obtained the required Wealth Masters Consultant Site, which includes a fee of about $50 per month, and the Carbon Copy Pro simulated web site, which involves a fee of $150 per month, you are then required to purchase product, which will cost you in the neighborhood of $2,000. Of course you do have the options of passing up your first three sales, which means you will make no profit on them in lieu of the $2000.

Keep in mind Carbon Copy Pro is just a marketing system, whose goal is to feed customers into Wealth Masters International. Wealth Masters International will discuss healthy eating and tax strategies. No one will be specific about the cost of advertising, however they will tell you it can be done for free. This method will take a lot of hard work and lots of time. After all the outlay of money you will want to start making sales. Making larger sums of money require that you purchase a larger, more costly package. Wealth Masters International has conferences, which will come with a price tag of $9000 and $12000 depending on the one you choose. The conferences will cover health, wealth and other related topics.

If after looking over this opportunity and all the fees included you feel you can sell this product to new customers. Then join Carbon Copy Pro and dig out your wallet.

Wealth Masters International in the sum of $99. Next you will have to pay $50 per month for the required Wealth Masters Consultant Site and $150 per month for your duplicated web site from Carbon Copy Pro. Then there is the cost of the product which runs about $2000 unless you choose to give up your profit on your first three sales.

Neither Carbon Copy Pro nor Wealth Masters International is specific about the cost of advertising; however they will tell you, you can advertise for free. Advertising for frees is going to take a lot of time and hard work. By now you are ready to make sales. To make the larger sums of money, you will have to buy the larger, more costly packages. What they have is a Wealth Conference, which will cost you about $9000. You will hear speakers on subjects of health and wealth. The next one is the Lifestyle Conference, which will cost you about $13000. You will attend the conference at a luxury resort to listen to speakers talk about health, wealth and wisdom.

If you have a lot of money to throw around, and you want to learn more about these topics, then by all means join Carbon Copy Pro.

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