Do I love AAPL at these prices? No! Does it feel like trying to catch falling knives and trying to pick a spot where AAPL will bounce?  Yes!  I am taking  a short term contrarian position with a put credit spread in AAPL. Do I think this is the best candidate out their ?  No! I like the price charts better in the following stocks for Cash Secured Puts:  CMG, MCD,  UNH,  ULTA,  VMW,  AZO,  CI, CME,  AAP,  NEE,  CLX, ANTM, and others. Looked at Put credit spread earlier in AZO, but liquidity stinks! Easier to go to AAPL and it’s great liquidity , than sort through other less liquid candidates with much nicer bullish price charts. Back to AAPL and my purely short term contrarian play. The Trade is B 1  Dec 7  155 P and Sell 1  Dec 7  165 P for 1.39 Credit, AAPL was at 172.35 . The risk is $861. Right after I did the trade, AAPL dropped to 171 area and the spread was trading at 1.64! As Charlie Brown would say, Ugh!Now at 12:30 central, stock has come back to 171.90 -.39 and the spread is trading around 1.42. Bottom line, AAPL still very toxic and volatile now and not for the faint of heart. This also is an 11 Day Trade, Dec 7 expiration. My Plan is to buy the spread back for .80, I sold for 1.39 credit, that would be a 7% return on my $861 Capital. If AAPL continues down , would exit trade if the spread hit 2.25. That would be a loss of 10% on my capital of $861.

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Thanks, Dan

Blog Update on AAPL Put Credit Spread  11/28/2018

Monday, Nov 26, Sold AAPL Put credit Spread when AAPL was around 172.50, the Dec 7 155/165 Puts for 1.39 Credit, bought it back today with AAPL at 176.35 for .63 Debit. Capital and Risk was $861. We made $76 on $861 or 8.8% return in 2 days for every 1 contract.

Thanks, Dan


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