The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today updated its caution list, dubbed “RED List”, in which it warns public against unauthorized FX and binary options firms that are illegally conducting financial services targeting the country’s residents. The CFTC added 71 new names to the RED List, bringing the total number of backlisted entities to over 110.

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Short for “Registration Deficient List”, the RED list follows other examples from regulators abroad, such as the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) in France, which allows investors to identify unregistered foreign entities that may be engaged in illegal practices.

The U.S. regulator’s list includes forex and binary options brokers that appear to be soliciting and/or accepting funds from U.S. residents without having obtained CFTC registration, providing more protection and transparency for investors.

According to the CFTC, many of these foreign entities are acting in a capacity requiring them to be registered with the CFTC. Registration allows the agency to provide greater security and oversight of the industry by examining whether firms meet minimum financial standards as well as disclosure, reporting and recordkeeping requirements. However, the press release emphasized that registration is no guarantee against fraud or mismanagement by an unethical firm, although it does help bring a higher level of security and accountability to the public.

The list of new providers that were added to the RED List includes the following brands:

  1. 10Markets
  2. Eagle Gate
  3. Omega Options
  4. 1Billion Forex
  5. eXbino
  6. Option Giants
  7. 33Option
  8. Finpari
  9. Option King
  10. AAFX Trading
  11. FinPro Trading
  12. Options24hours
  13. Advanced Options
  14. Forex Ltd.
  15. Oracle Stone
  16. Allgo Trading
  17. Forex Ukraine
  18. Planet Option
  19. Anthony, John
  20. FX Moneyworld
  21. Price Markets Brokerage
  22. AOS Holding
  23. FXGM
  24. Profitable Forex Advisors
  25. ASK Options
  26. FXT Swiss
  27. Rbinary
  28. AXI Trader
  29. FXUmarkets
  30. Safe Options
  31. Azbinary
  32. GFM Trader
  33. Starling Capital
  34. Barkley Capital
  35. Glenridge Capital GMR
  36. Stichting WST Capital
  37. Bartle Investment Group
  38. Forex
  39. Tall Options
  40. BinaryRoom365
  41. Iforex
  42. Trades Capital
  43. Binex Markets
  44. Inside Option
  45. TradeThunder
  46. BitVC
  47. Instant Options
  48. TradeWiseFX
  49. BoursoPro
  50. Int’l Brokers Assn Mkts
  51. uTrader
  52. BoursoTrade
  53. GT Options
  54. Vision Binary
  55. Byrix Financial Investments
  56. Janus Options
  57. Weathika
  58. Capital Bank Markets
  59. London Binary Option
  60. WinOptions
  61. Capital Trade House
  62. Market Options
  63. Wynn Finance
  64. Cherry Trade
  65. MarketsWorld
  66. com
  67. MercerFX
  68. CT Option
  69. MFX Brokers
  70. Empire Options
  71. Morton Finance

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