These are all transactions involving an exchange of currency 2. The global foreign exchange market is extremely active demand induced by the activity of importing or exporting is relayed and amplified by speculation. It is an OTC, led by banks and brokers.

The change in cash

The change in cash or exchange spot 2 is to exchange currency at a negotiated, 2 days after the trade date. This date is called the date “spot.”

The main characteristics of a foreign exchange account are:
* The main currency the meaning: purchase or sale * The secondary currency, currency or “price”: currency sold whether purchase, currency bought the case of a sale.
* The date of negotiation or “trade date”
* The date of value or “spot date”: usually equal to the trade date + 2 days. Note: A contract of exchange on a life void and there is no “end date”.
* The amount negotiated, expressed in the primary currency *The current negotiated * The amount in the secondary currency, calculated on theprincipal amount and of course

The characteristics common to all market transactions:
* The trading or “book”, possibly the identity of the trader Consideration
* Possibly the intermediary or “broker”, by which the negotiation was made  ** *Instructions regulation: identification of focal points (the bank and the counterparty) in which currency must be delivered / received.

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Source by Anil Kumar Raju Addipalli