Like any other city that has a local economy largely based on tourism, Las Vegas, Nevada spends an incredible amount of time and money in catering to and luring in visitors; however, for many tourists, it takes more than the twenty-four hour lifestyle and glitz and glamour of the hotels and attractions to commit to a visit – hence the existence of cheap Las Vegas vacation packages that increase the local tourism. These special packages are created by the local commerce office and local hotels, casinos, and restaurants in order to make a visit to the city more enticing, more affordable, and less intimidating. By making a trip to the area more affordable and less intimidating, the city can increase the amount of tourists that visit its hotels, casinos, and restaurants thereby increasing the amount of money these businesses take in and further driving the local economy.

The number one reason people cite as a reason for not taking a vacation is the associated cost of such a trip. Even though Las Vegas is primarily a tourist town, the cost of a visit can be out of reach of many potential tourists. With the cost of a hotel room, casino visits, entertainment, food, and other amenities the price of a visit can run into the thousands of dollars (and those casino visits can escalate the cost of visit exponentially). In order to combat these soaring price tags the city commerce office approaches various businesses and asks them to offer certain discounts or special deals that they then put together to form specially priced packages. Local businesses agree to these discounts because they draw in out of town customers.

Over the last decade, the trend in Las Vegas development has been towards constructing huge hotel and entertainment complexes. These complexes offer hotel suites, dining options, casinos, spas, salons, retail options, and many other entertainment opportunities. Taking the local government’s idea, these complexes offer cheap Las Vegas vacation packages that include discounted access to all the associated amenities located in the complex. Since these very large hotels are in direct competition with each other, these packages can become very cheap as the competition heats up. The idea is to draw as many out of town guests to the hotel as possible thereby generating more capital.

Another reason that many individuals or families do not make the investment in a trip to the city of Las Vegas is the coinciding image that the city portrays. With its casinos, strip clubs, and twenty-four a day life style, the city has created a self fulfilling image of debauchery, crime, and over indulgence. While this image may appeal to a certain type of tourist, it also alienates a much larger portion of potential visitors. Families therefore may not see the city as a place they want to take their children for a summer vacation. Since these cheap Las Vegas vacation packages are generally geared towards families who are trying to save money while still going on vacation, they can increase the amount of families who visit thereby helping to debunk the city’s nasty image.

Therefore, these packages offer discounts in order to drive tourism by drawing families to the city thereby transforming a city that was once only a gambling hot spot into an entertainment center that anyone can enjoy.

Source by Luxury Las Vegas Suites