In the domestic mobile phone market growing, we also see that the brand of drastic increase in concentration, the low-end foreign brands to increase market and sales efforts to bundle phone, coupled with the continuous extension of high-end products, the first half of 2007, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung accounted for a total of three brands of the market share of 61.4% over the same period in 2006 increased 8.9 percentage points. In the meantime, foreign brands and product sales strategy across the board, squeeze the domestic brand sales space; black phone with its low prices, new features such as short-cycle constantly interfere with the sales of domestic brands, sales of domestic brands has always hovered in the 30% around, but with the domestic mobile phone R & D in technology, product planning, product features, product quality, brand building, channel innovation, and continuous after-sales service, such as adjustments to improve, coupled with the strengthening of government supervision, the market share of domestic brands is expected to gradually picked up.

Is expected in 2009 and the next few years, mobile phone manufacturing in China will enter a more brutal era of competition. October 12, 2007, the State Council announced the cancellation and adjustment of the fourth installment of the administrative examination and approval projects, decided to cancel the special provisions of the country’s mobile communications systems and terminals, such as the production of project approval. This means that since the implementation of the mobile phone in 2004 will be formally abolished Approval System. The industry believes that the foreign mobile phone brands, after the abolition of Approval System, with its strong marketing power and strength, market share will further increase its market share currently has more than 60%, while the domestic mobile phone is essential in , low-end mobile phone market will increase competition in domestic china cellphone enterprises to increase the pressure. The news also means that “black phones” positive, while enterprises in accordance with their development plans to enter the mobile phone manufacturing industry, thereby triggering the cell phone market to compete further. It can be foreseen that in 2008 and the next few years the size of the handset market in China expanded at the same time, also faces intense competition, then how my cell phone company in the fierce market competition into opportunities and make timely adjustments according to market demand so business strategy ?

The report detailed the large number of the basis of market research, based on the National Bureau of Statistics, the state Department of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, State Council Development Research Center, China Customs, the mobile phone industry-related associations, both at home and abroad the basis of relevant information and publications professional research units such as mobile phones and provide a large number of published data, combined with in depth market research information, based on the current financial crisis on the global and China’s macro-economic policies, the impact of major industries, in-depth analysis of industry market in China’s mobile phone operation, and enterprise management industry to conduct a systems analysis; further development of china wholesale cellphones industry has done a forecast trends. The present report is the mobile phone industry, related businesses, such as units and individuals, as well as an accurate understanding of China’s mobile phone industry market developments, and grasp the development trend of mobile phone industry, the production of a unique marketing strategy decision-making.

Source by Steven Jobs