Having a party at home or going for a party? If you’re wondering what to give away as a favor, nothing can beat chocolate gold coins. A bag full of glittering chocolate gold coins looks attractive and they convey a certain message that is hard to define.

These days, chocolate gold coins may be simple chocolate coins or chocolate casino chips. They may be ready-made or custom made. They may be made of milk chocolate or bitter chocolate. Because of their flexibility, they are just right for parties, weddings, bridal showers, christening and corporate events.

The earliest evidence of chocolate gold coins can be seen in the Jewish Hanukkah celebrations where young children were given chocolate gold coins to play. At that time, these were called ‘gelt’. In the past, a Hebrew letter was printed on the chocolate gold coin. These coins were a means to teach Jewish children the alphabets at a time when the Romans prevented the study of Torah. Roman soldiers naturally assumed that anyone playing with these coins was gambling. Truth was, these games were educative.

Chocolate gold coins have come a long way since then. These days, they are made to look like currency coins. These may be current or antiquated. They may denote any denomination and may be small or big. The great thing about chocolate gold coins is that they are irresistible. Any body who loves chocolate will find it hard to pass up a gold coin made of chocolate. Seeing a small bag full of glittering gold coins, minted to sinful perfection, can delight the receiver no end.

Here are some tips to help you give the best chocolate coins:

Personalize: Ready-made chocolate coins are passé. If you really want to win people over, go for personalized chocolate gold coins. It is not difficult to personalize these gold coins. Many companies have an online system whereby you can send in the name of the company or person. You may even be allowed to incorporate your logo or choose a particular picture. Thus, it is easy to customize your chocolate gold coins to a charity or cause of your liking. The only thing to remember in case of personalization is the time it takes for the confectioner to make the product and ship it to you. If you order in advance, this is not a problem.

High quality: The success of your chocolate gold coin depends on the quality of chocolate. This is where so many people go wrong. Choose premium quality chocolate so that people who bite into the chocolate feel delighted by your gift. Remember, quality is apparent in the craftsmanship too. You want your gold coins to be elegantly wrapped in the design of your choice. The design must be of good quality and the chocolate must be professionally foiled. There is no point in buying cheap and compromising the beauty of your gift.

Delivery service: Choose a service that makes prompt deliveries. Many companies offer to transport your favors with the greatest care, ensuring that the product is not damaged due to transportation or heat. This is important if you want your chocolate gold coins to appear in all their glorious finesse when you hand them over.

Source by Adolphpaul