I'm confident that by now you have realized that affiliate marketing as a profession or a part-time job can earn you good money. You would also have realized by now that passive income is great because of the minimal input versus the fruitful returns received. The question now is; what are the best affiliate programs to promote?

Poker – Poker sites are considered the best affiliate programs. This is because consumers who subscribe to a poker site are known to spend several thousand dollars at a given online casino. It is for this reason that poker sites will pay several hundred dollars for each new subscriber that an affiliate partnerships to their poker sites. You can see then, why this is mutually beneficial for affiliates and casinos.

Mortgages – This would not be an option you would have considered but mortgages can be very lucrative for affiliate marketers. The trick is you do not have to get people to actually buy mortgages; all mortgage affiliate programs are lead based so you get paid as long as people fill out the form. Remember that the best affiliate program for mortgages will have marketing materials directly from lenders.

University or College – Potential students interested in gaining formal qualifications payments thousands of dollars over a course of several years creating very good incomes for Universities. As an affiliate you can earn commissions from joining University based programs wherever the courses offered are distance, on-line or physical classes.

Debt Consolidation – This affiliate marketing program is similar to mortgages in that you attract earnings based on leads rather than successful debt consolidation loans. The great thing about this sector is that as the United States continues to face economic difficulties consumers will be seeking more ways of consolidating their debt via consolidation loans.

eBooks – This is an all time favorite and is a great place to start for new affiliate markets. Ebooks are easy to produce, the cost is minor and the responsibilities are good. Successful affiliate programs will provide you with a plethora of marketing resources in the affiliate sections and its simple to begin promoting ebooks.

There are however two things to bear in mind when following the above in the hope of joining the right affiliate programs; they are:

1. Good programs attract a lot of competition because many affiliate marketers are informed about the best programs with the higher profit margin … this includes the infamous "super affiliates".

2. Due to the increased competition increased time and financial investment are required to earn large profits thereby reducing your profit margins.

This however should not discourage you from becoming an affiliate marketer. All you must bear in mind is that it is better to start small and move slowly up to the higher paying affiliate programs. Master the basics first.

Source by Christine Gustave