The online business world can be a difficult place for Christians. There are a several schools of thought in the Christian community when it comes to making money. One school says that the Lord wants you to be rich. Another school says, money is evil don’t try to get ahead. Both of these positions are extreme. Here is an idea; perhaps you can create an income stream used not solely for yourself but for your local assembly or to support missionaries. Network marketing loves the Christian community. Why? Churches have a close association of friends and family that some try to exploit. In order for you to succeed in network marketing you must have people sign up for your business and a church is the perfect place for network marketing recruiting, or is it?

A quality, Christian online business mentor, sponsor, or whatever the title, should really caution you about bringing your business into your church. They would also do well to educate you in the latest secrets in network marketing. The opinion of this author is that your business should not use holy things for marketing. Here are some samples that I have seen, the name have been altered, Make Money With Gospel fill in the blank. I even saw an adwords ad stating God wants you rich. The point in marketing is to market to a niche but, keep it real, please no gold dust or angel wing promises. Sure people in your assembly will find out that you have a business and will be curious. That is the time to talk about your business and help them to understand how it could positively impact their lives.

An excellent online business mentor will know how to market using the modern methods to help you excel in marketing your business. Not being taught how to market online is a sign your business mentor does not know how to market online. You might reconsider or get educated in these techniques yourself to become a leader in your business niche. You will invest time and money to gain the knowledge that will produce results. Most people that start in a network marketing business will not see it through until they are successful. This is why you must have a quality Christian online business mentor.

How do you find such an individual? In a word online. Using the internet you can research any type of business opportunity whether it is an online or an off line. Each type of business has leaders and those will come to the surface. You can do research using video sites, article sites, heck you can even call the real leaders on the phone and they will be there. People that truly want to see lives changed through entrepreneurship can be rewarded very well.

Source by Allan Ellis