Is Christopher Fernard’s Management Software a Profitable Trading Software?

In today’s post I do a full review of the Management Software which is something that I have got alot of questions about this week. The Management Software is a group of fund managers which is headed by a long term Forex trader called Christopher Fernard and up until recently they only let major investors join their private managed discretionary fund. So is it a profitable option for the average everyday person like you and me, that’s what I set out to do in my review.

CEO: Christopher Fernard
Official Website:

Results From Management Software

From some of the initial emails I got from subscribers some of whom had tried the team and fund the feedback was good so I was hopeful when I started to look into them. In general everything I have found has been good but as always I am going to test them out first hand and report back with my results. Out of the 3 subscribers that said they had used them I got to talk to 1 of them on skype and he showed me his trading history which to me looked very good with a win average of 79% over 2 weeks which over time can be very profitable so I’m hoping I will see similar results and so will you if you grab your account at

“Many investors prefer to leave their money in the hands of an expert and therefore fund managers play an important role in the investing world”

Yes this is true for a huge majority of people and I am one of them too. Yes I can trade and I do well from my own trading but I also love checking into the different funds I have money in to see that the traders have made me profits while I have been out enjoying life or working on other aspects of my business.

How does the Management Software Work?

Like most major investment funds we are not told the specifics of how they take all of their trades but more of an overview where we are told that all trades are generated from complex algorithms incorporating trading psychology, market analysis and proven money management principles which are all placed though the Management Software’s own trading system. All of this is overseen by the fund managers team which consists of a head manager who must have over 10 years experience in the Forex markets backed up by his/her team of junior traders. The only strategies that we are told about are the short to medium term long-short boundary track trading methodology which you can read more about on in investopedia if you want.

They normally only trade currencies and in particular the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and the Australian Dollar. For me this is ok as I generally concentrate on just the currencies when I am doing my own trading but I have also been experimenting with trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as well which I will share in other posts and videos soon as there is big money to be made there too.

What I like about the System

  • “A key objective of Management Software is capital preservation and the avoidance of huge losses” this is what Christoper tells us and this is always what I like to hear. Way too many systems and traders I have seen can have a brilliant week or 2 but then get greedy and blow everything in a day so I like to hear that they are taking a conservative approach and avoiding any major losses.
  • No promises of crazy overnight riches. Christoper tells us that their goal and the goal they recommend for their clients is to look at long term steady income. They focus on obtaining stable regular profits in the short and medium term.
  • No big sales tactics like pushy pop ups, countdown timers telling you to buy now or your chance to become a millionaire is gone forever 🙂
  • They work on a performance fee basis which basically means they only charge a fee on the profit they make for you.
  • As I write this review they are offering the first month 100% free with no fees. I’m not sure how long that will last so just check the main site before signing up to see if this is still valid.

Is the Management Software Really Free?

Yes and no its not free.. Confused? Christoper is working with a model that I am a big fan of and that is the performance fee model where they will only charge you a fee on the profits that they make for you in that money. At the time of this review they are also offering the first month completely free of all fees so you have nothing to lose by trying them out. The fee that they are charging is 8%. The example that they use on their site is that if they make you $1000 in April then the fee’s due on that are only $80 which is 8% of your $1000 profit.

How can you join the Management Software Hedge Fund?

To get started it straight forward enough. Click here or go to and opt in on the main page, then on the inside page fill in the rest of your details which will create a broker account for you. You then need to fund the broker with the min deposit which is generally $250 and that is the amount I always recommend with everything until you are happy to add more. After that you will have full access to the back office where you can manually take their signals or you can turn on the full auto system which will copy the teams trades into your account.

Conclusion on The Management Software Trading Platform

From what I have seen it does look like it has huge potential and the feedback I have recieved has all been good. Time will tell but I am very hopeful that we are onto a winner here. The feedback I found online was also very good from people that have personally tested the system themselves. If you have used Christopher and his team let me know in the comments below how it went for you

Verdict: Looks good to me and I’m putting my money in to try it out.

Grab your first month free here ->

As always if you have any questions or I can help with anything just let me know. Also always check my full scam list before you join any trading systems as the number of binary options scams and Forex scams is growing by the day. Trade safe..



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