Sometimes, I get hard pressed to think whether any cigarette manufacturer would have printed the statutory warning on their packs if it was not mandatory. Yes, tobacco is dangerous to health, but objection is to the rather hypocritical ways they adapt to market their products. Cigarettes of every hue and cry, premium brands to low-high tar & nicotine content to cheap cigarettes to cheap online cigarettes to sale, are marketed in every possible way; but where has the line of distinction that separates social responsibility from market and duty consciousness vanished into?

American cigarette manufacturers increased advertising budgets by 85% since 1998 November throwing away the legal settlement with the states to curtail their marketing expenditure. The saga doesn’t end just there; investigation reports reveal how inter-company feuds rage into wars decrying smokers of competitor brands as cowards and slobs so that they can push their brands harder.

Many cheap cigarettes manufacturers and exporters have their allegiance to the same manufacturers that can’t watch their sales dwindling due to tax hikes and opened shops elsewhere in eastern European countries to take advantage of prevailing economic SOPs.

Buying cheap Marlboro cigarettes online or any discount cigarettes ordered over the internet may be legal and ethical as long as social responsibilities aren’t breached. The only objectionable point here is silence of the importing governments and the practice of duality of taxation vis-a-vis locally manufactured cigarettes.

While it may not be interesting to see why major brands like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims, Salem, Menthol, and lm etc are selling as cheap discount cigarettes but how they are able to keep their businesses high flying. All kinds of marketing tricks, clandestine methods are resorted to in the name of marketing. A research report by Tobacco Control Research Program sponsored by Harvard School of Public Health reveals the substantial increase in nicotine content in major brands. Methods they devise to circumvent authorities and competitors in order to retain customer loyalty are particularly appalling.

Buying cheap cigarettes online may help save a few dollars on every carton purchased but the onus is on you to make sure that discount prices don’t make you pay heavily later. Not that cigarettes bought at a sale can be more harmful by way of being manufactured by resorting to shortcuts but the manipulations they are able to make within the ambit of legalities. Buy any of the brands like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims, Salem, Menthol, and lm etc but make sure of the source.

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