I just received details about The Clickbank Code ( CB Code ) for short through the clickbank affiliate program. It was released by Michael Jones on the 14th of April, 2009, so it’s fairly an update-to-date and new money making system. Just to be clear in this review, I do not know Mr. Jones personally, I have however, followed him on his blog and purchased aseveral of his ebooks that I found to be very helpful in my newbie on upto my intermediate marketer days.  I can say however, that Michael Jones is a very well known Internet marketer with a lot of online experience.  You might even remember him from his top selling products?

Michael claims the product is a step by step documentation of his recent clickbank success that yielded him a whopping $46,000 in his first month with clickbank. Now his system is suppose to show you how to replicate his success by generating huge clickbank income very quickly. In this short product review of the Clickbank Code, I am going to share with you what the clickbank code is and what it contains (the Pro’s and the Con’s) so to speak.

For starters, active members of the Clickbank Code website are provided with a money-making blueprint comprised of 28 videos that are sorted into 6 training modules. The entire course is devoted to marketing products through Clickbank. While The Clickbank Code includes some really good training materials, it doesn’t really present any new techniques or “secrets” that I haven’t seen many times before.

For those of you that have a little more experience with the clickbank business, and already know how to make money with clickbank, you will find much of the information included in The Clickbank Code to be a little basic. There are a few sections that are useful to those with more experience like traffic generation, creating landing pages, and dealing with Google. The fact still remains, however, that there is no wonderful information that you can’t find elsewhere.

So let’s take a look at the modules, here I have provided a breakdown of the Clickbank Code training modules:

Module 1:

The first module provide much of the basic Clickbank and affiliate marketing information for newbies.

Video 1: General introduction to Clickbank Code
Video 2: Introduction to Clickbank
Video 3: The 3 most important steps for affiliate marketers
Video 4: Explanation of affiliate marketing terms and lingo
Video 5: Intoduction to the clickbank products selection process
Video 6: Choosing winning products, intro to keyword research

Module 2:

Keyword Research

Video 1: Performing keyword research
Video 2: Keyword analysis and selection

Module 3:

Creating Your Site

Video 1: Overview of website creation process
Video 2: Choosing and registering a domain
Video 3: Choosing a hosting service
Video 4: Landing page creation
Video 5: Website landscape
Video 6: Testing your site

Module 4:

AdWords for traffic

Video 1: Overview of AdWords
Video 2: Knowing when to cut your losses
Video 3: Finding your winners and maximizing profit
Video 4: Solutions for common AdWords problems

Module 5:

Article Marketing

Video 1: Overview of article marketing
Video 2: Article research
Video 3: Writing tips
Video 4: Promoting your article

Module 6:

Getting free traffic

Video 1: Overview of module
Video 2: Comparison of SEO & PPC
Video 3: Benefits of merging SEO & PPC
Video 4: Finding related forums
Video 5: Forum marketing
Video 6: Effective forum marketing

The bottom line is this, I feel the Clickbank Code is a good product for anyone that is just beginning in affiliate marketing and needs a blueprint to help get them on track and earning clickbank money quickly. The videos will provide you with the information you need to fully understand the Clickbank make money scheme and how to choose/market products from the Clickbank marketplace. The videos are thorough and explain things in a way that even beginners can understand and implement.

Source by Roddie Ferguson