Clickbank Secrets:Learn Clickbank Secrets That Will Finally Put Money In Your Pocket…

Never before has affiliate marketing been so hard.  Their were days you could just send traffic to sales pages and let the numbers work in your favor.  You could set up a pay per click campaign and be on your way to a full time income online. But times have changed, people are not buying on impulse because their are just so many offers out their.  So today I am going to reveal Clickbank Secrets that will finally get your sales and conversion rates higher than ever before…

  • Clickbank Secrets #1- Today you have to make money from every visitor.  Now I know some people dread capture or squeeze pages but at the end of the day if someone wont opt in to your list they wont buy from you either.  So start to build a list first.  My conversion rates per hop for some of the products I promote are as high as 1/10 because I build value.  A list allows you to build a relationship with each subscriber.(give them a quick product review,share a article with them,but give value.)
  • Clickbank Secrets #2-The art of building a relationship and a high converting sales funnel is simple if your giving.  Now a good balance of offers free advice,tips,and guides are the keys to success and profit.  But what is the difference maker?  It’s questions.  I know what my list wants by asking questions.  That way I not only provide them with free tips but offers that meet their exact needs.
  • Clickbank Secrets #3-Promote products that you use.  Could you ever tell someone was lying to you.  Well your list can tell the same.  Give them products that they can genuinely get help from or has helped you in the past.
  • Clickbank Secrets Bonus #1-So here’s what the experts are doing to make money without ever creating a product or site…

Are you using a PPC campaigns.  Well here’s a tip, their are not many people going online with cash in hand.  They want info first.  That’s why I do Pay Per Ad Campaigns.  Those adsense ads you see are mine.  Think about it.  A prospect goes to a site for more info on a product or help and they get it off of that site.  Next they look and what do they see a offer that matches their needs.

They wanted more information and got it.  Put your ads in a place where spenders can see them.

  • Clickbank Secrets Bonus #2- Promote the right products-at the right time-at the right place and your going to make a ton of CLICKBANK money!

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