I closed my TLT August 129/132 vertical call spread for a profit today. While TLT was trading at $123.33, I bought my six short TLT August $129 calls for $0.14 and sold my six long TLT August $132 calls for $0.04. The net spread purchase was for $0.10 and I paid $72.71 including $12.71 in commission for the combination option trade. After selling the spread for $292.68 on June 20, I made a net profit of $219.97 by closing it today.

I plan to sell another TLT spread soon, but would like to have the ETF move a little higher first. I also need to replace my two naked puts expiring next Friday, ADI and IWM.

Check out the trade details here on YouTube. I picked up some new software that allows me to draw on the video screen while I’m talking and it sticks my picture in the video.  I’ll mess around with the software in the coming weeks and decide if I want to keep it showing me. For now, I know I need to shrink the picture of me and blink less. Amateur at work!

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