It has come to our attention that Cloud Track Trader by James Christian has recently changed their domain name, and are currently still advertising their scam system via the internet. If you are considering this as your preferred trading software then it is imperative that you read this Cloud Track Trader review carefully before you go ahead and invest in what is now known as a reinvented scam. This review will expose everything below.

Cloud Track Trader or Cloud Trader App?

Unfortunately, for most traders, this is not the first time the now famous “Cloud” trading scam systems have reared their ugly heads. We have witnessed the lame & repeated attempts at pushing this particular recycled scam software time and again. Their relentless perusal of stealing from innocent and newbie traders is the main inspiration behind finally publishing this Cloud Track Trader review, to put these scammers out of business for good. We do not take kindly to con artists, especially aggressive ones that do not stop.

First, we saw the release of Cloud Trader App back in early 2016, there is no point in explaining what the software is all about because it is almost an exact replica of Cloud Track Trader. The only difference being that the name of the supposed CEO was Matthew Shepard. Everything else from the website to their video presentation and even the false testimonials are the same as Cloud Track Trader software. Nothing new here at all.

How Does it Work?

James Christian tell us that his Cloud Track Trader Scam is a binary options trading software with an ITM accuracy of 100%. Meaning there are no losses and therefore zero risk In utilizing the app. He also claims that his software is exceedingly faster than all the rest because it is hosted in the cloud. This is absolute nonsense if ever we have heard it. Most normal websites are hosted in the cloud. Cloud hosting is nothing new these days.

Cloud Track Trader

Cloud Track Trader supposedly removes the last 7% of uncertainty in placing trades, by possessing Super Conductor Ping Speeds alongside a special IP address and DNS settings. These explanations are laughable to say the least. Ask anyone who owns a simple blog or website and they will tell you the same thing. It is painfully clear that these scam artists are targeting not only new and inexperienced traders, but also the general public with no basic understanding of computers or the internet. It is a desperate and shameful tactic to employ.

Evidence of a Scam

Here is where our cloud Track Trader review becomes interesting. We did not have to spend hours on research to find all the alarming evidence available, proving this software to be a scam. Just a quick Google search was enough to make our hair stand on end. For starters, Matthew Shepard from Cloud Trader App & James Christian from Cloud Track Trader are the same person. Not only does this prove the connection between the two fake apps as being the same but also the person portraying the two fabricated CEO’s in in fact a paid actor.


We then have the issue of the fake testimonials. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that these are completely fabricated accounts. On their bogus website we are shown a supposed world map pinpointing members from different locations around the world and the profits they have made using Cloud Track Trader scam software. The problem here is that all the amounts shown are identical. How is it possible that members from different countries, trading independently with the system, each make the exact same amount of profit? To further insult our intelligence, all the supposed members have the same name. Could this be a coincidence? Afraid not… it is meant to try and fool you.

Further to the above, the scam specialists behind this system have clearly made use of stock images. Again, this is not hard not to prove. All one has to do is a quick google image search and the truth will be revealed. What this means is that there are no actual members or credible proof of real testimonies from people using the Cloud Track Trader software.

Cloud Track Trader

Another red flag to take note of is the bogus claim by James Christian, stating that all members will make a guaranteed profit of $1250 a day. Every binary options trader knows this is extremely hard to achieve, especially off a meager $250 deposit. No software or expert trader can guarantee a certain amount of profit daily because nothing is guaranteed in trading the markets. There is always risk involved. If it were that easy, everyone would be trading. This also disproves their 100% win rate claim as being false.

Cloud Track Trader

It is important to note the change in domain name. When they first came out, they did so under the domain of Numerous blogs and trading experts on YouTube consequently blacklisted that site. They have now purchased a new domain, and are once again back in the business of advertising their scam software.

Review Verdict: Cloud Track Trader is a Scam

Blacklisted Websites: &

Looking back on all the evidence we have provided in our Cloud Track Trader review, it is more than obvious that there is nothing genuine or legit about this software. Although some may recognize it as an old scam, it is unfortunately still circling the online world looking for innocent traders who have not seen it before or know of its blacklisted history. It’s in a case such as this one, when our age old advice of ‘always do your research first’ comes in handy.

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