The CMECoins ICO might look legit upon first glance, but not if you look closely. This initial coin offering for crypto promises guaranteed massive returns that simply never materialize. This is our CMECoins scam review and we are here to warn you about the danger which this initial coin offering scam poses to your financial security.


CMECoins Scam



Ok, so first and foremost, we noticed that this CMECoins ICO is completely anonymous. Yes, the about us page of the website does try and tell us who the leaders are here, but it is all completely bogus. We are shown a bunch of pictures of people, including an old man who is named Bryan Simon, the alleged CEO and founder of this crypto ICO. There are a few others present, but they are all irrelevant.

Either way, we did a bunch of research here and it is quite apparent that the people we are shown have nothing to do with this CMECoins program. It is obvious that the image of Simon is just a random stolen stock image which has been combined with a fake name. We have actually seen his face being used before for many other scam systems and for sales campaigns too. The name is just made up out of thin air. Besides being listed here, this Bryan character does not actually exist at all. In other words, this initial coin offering is totally 100% anonymous and faceless.

We do not in fact know who is in charge here. This is a big problem, these crooks expect us to trust them with our hard earned money, yet they refuse to tell us their real identities. The only reason why the people behind this CMECoins initial coin offering would decide to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity is because they are doing something totally illegal. In this case, they are stealing money from hardworking and innocent people such as yourselves.


CMECoins Scam




As well as being totally anonymous, the company itself appears to be totally fake. We are told that the CMECoins company is registered in the UK as a real company. However, this is simply not true in the least. Yes, we are shown incorporation and registration documents, but these are bogus. We did some snooping around and we dug really deep. This company is not registered in the UK at all, nor anywhere else in the world. It is totally non-existent aside from its presence on this one website. Folks, do you really want to trust your hard earned money with this CMECoins ICO when we know for a fact that they are lying about being a real company to begin with?

On that same note, this also means that this CMECoins system is completely unlicensed and therefore illegal. You see, you cannot just go out and start collecting so called investments from people without the proper licensing. The issue here is that for a business to receive these licenses, it needs to be transparent and real. Seeing as this CMECoins system is not real or transparent in the least, it stands to reason that it has absolutely no necessary licensing at all. In other words, these crooks are running an illegal investment scam, one that is not licensed. Sure, they will still take your money with pleasure, but they are not reinvesting it at all, just stealing it from you.


CMECoins Scam




Another red flag that came to our attention here is that the CMECoins initial coin offering promises that you can make instant withdrawals. Folks, this is not true at all. Nobody in the history of mankind, no matter what investment system it is, has ever provided investors with instant withdrawals. It is not realistic and it surely is not possible either.

There is also the fact that we have spoken to many people out there, all of which have confirmed something. Not only are instant withdrawals not possible here, but no withdrawals ever happen at all. There has not been a single person here who has ever received a withdrawal. This cements the reputation of the CMECoins system as a scam. There is simply no doubt about this at all.


CMECoins Scam




Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this CMECoins ICO is that it promises totally ludicrous results that can simply not be achieved no matter who you are or what trading is going on here. For one, we are told that our money will be generated using a state of the art automated crypto trading tool. Apparently, we have to do no work ourselves and the system is completely automated. However, these crooks never actually tell us how the trading system works at all. We really have no idea what is going on here and this is all super suspicious.

Moreover, do you really think that you can ever make as much money on an investment as these criminals promise? The CMECoins ICO promises that you can make up to 210% in ROI per hour for up to 10 hours on each investment. You have to deposit a whopping $10,000 to get these returns, but of course the returns do not exist at all. All of the people we have talked to confirm that they have never gotten any returns no matter what investment package they chose. It is all a huge pile of lies meant to screw you out of your hard earned money.


CMECoins Scam




The other thing that needs to be mentioned here is that the CMECoins system is absolutely both a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme rolled into one little package. These crooks promise big affiliate commissions for referrals. If you get your friends to invest money, you will supposedly get a cut of the action. However, from all of the people we have spoken to, once again, these commissions never get paid out at all, making this a totally illegal crypto investment scam.

CMECoins Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this CMECoins initial coin offering is a complete rip off. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent traders and investors like you.




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