The repackaging of old scams is nothing new, which is exactly what the crooks behind Cobalt Code scam software have done. We have already seen this scam before and we’ve already done a Cobalt Code scam review in the past. We are kind of disappointed because we thought that our first review would have been enough to bury this pile of junk once and for all. However, it appears that the criminals behind the scenes deemed it worthy to re-launch their old scam.

Cobalt Code scam software is back with a vengeance and it is looking for your money to steal. Sure, binary options can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side, but not when using a fraudulent trading platform like Cobalt Code scam software. This is nothing more than the same old Cobalt Code scam re-released in order to try and fool us all over again.

Nothing has changed about it and these fools literally did not even alter any of the details to make it seem like something new. These clowns are obviously too dumb to learn from their first failure, so we have no choice but to do another Cobalt Code scam review. We need to remind you how dangerous this program is, so keep reading and find out what needs to be known.

Cobalt Code Scam Software – Nothing New

The really sad part about this whole thing is that the creators of this epic pile of junk figured that they wouldn’t need to change anything in order to trick people into investing money. Except for a new domain name and a slightly newer website, there is not a single thing that these idiots changed.

Cobalt Code software still has the exact same low budget presentation video, they still claim the same profit margins, the same phony actor is used, and it is definitely still a scam! These guys think that tricking us was going to be easy since we are obviously so forgetful. Luckily for the trading community, we realized that we had already seen this scam before!

Cobalt Code Software – The Crook Behind It

The fictitious character behind Cobalt Code software is supposedly named Grant Stone, a wealthy multi-millionaire. Well, we already went over just how much of a fraud this guy is, but in case you don’t remember, let’s jog your memory.

Grant claims to have made over 600 million dollars using Cobalt Code scam software in the last 3 years. He also says that he is a big time investor and owner of an African mining company, that he has spent several years as a high-class Wall Street trader, and that he created this program out of the goodness of his heart.

Well, just like the first time around, Mr. Stone is still a paid actor, we still can’t confirm the name of his mining company, we have no idea where he worked on Wall Street, and there is a total lack of info about him online. This guy is a paid actor hired to read one of the world’s most unconvincing scripts.

What Does Cobalt Code Software Do?

The funny thing is that there are many contradictions made when it comes to what exactly Cobalt Code scam software does. Plus, where there are no contradictions to be found, there are just obvious lies.

We are told that this software only trades certain commodities like cobalt, nickel, iron, and other precious metals, plus that it does not actually trade in binary options. This already leaves us wondering why exactly it’s even called a binary options auto-trader.

However, when the program is opened up, it quickly becomes apparent that the only things which can be traded using Cobalt Code software are currencies. We don’t know what is going on here, but these contradictions are more than enough to scare us away. Moreover, there is no valuable info provided to us in terms of the inner workings of the program.

We’re never told how it works, what algorithms are involved, what methods and strategies are being utilized, or anything else from that matter. This is literally just one big confusing pile of junk that you need to stay away from at all costs. The one thing that we do know for sure is that during the presentation video, it is said that Cobalt Code scam software used insider knowledge to be successful. In case you don’t know, INSIDER TRADING IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL!

Cobalt Code Software – The Same Scam Broker!

Something else that these guys didn’t bother to change was the scam broker which handles the money. We already covered this once so let’s keep it short. Cobalt Code software forces you to sign up with one specific broker. This is never a good sign because you should always have a choice of broker.

The only reason to force you to choose a specific one is because that one is on the side of Cobalt Code scam software. The particular broker in use here is totally unregistered, not licensed to operate anywhere, located in a financial safe haven, and will undoubtedly steal every last penny you invest. It takes a trustworthy and reliable broker to make profitable trades, something which Cobalt Code software does not seem to understand at all!

cobalt code app

Cobalt Code Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Cobalt Code software was a scam and a total scheme the first time it was released, and that is still the case today with this new re-launch. These phonies still use the same video, actor, and info to try and convince us of something which they failed to do the first time around. This is probably the most miserable attempt at theft that we have ever seen! Stay away from this total rip off because it will do nothing but cost you your investment!

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