After receiving several complaints regarding the Coffee Cash Cheat we here at Objective Binary Options decided to take a further look into the legitimacy regarding the Coffee Cash Cheat. However, as you can insinuate by the title of this article what we discovered led us to conclude that the Coffee Cash Cheat was indeed a binary options scam. Not only will we expose as the binary options scam that it truly is but we will also shed some light to expose how deceptive binary option scam artists can truly be!

Exposing Scam Market Techniques

Perhaps some of the most ridiculous claims that we have come across would be the ones guaranteed by the Coffee Cash Cheat. If you took the time to check out the website for yourself you will not only see how elementary the website is but how completely unrealistic their claims are. As you can see in the image below they claim that you can make $5,000 daily without any effort what-so-ever which not only sounds questionable but also a lie since we have received over 15 complaints from binary option traders who have lost most if not all of their trading account funds due to this binary options scam.

Another red flag that we came across when conducting our investigation would be how the Coffee Cash Cheat claims to be associated with CBSNews, BloomBerg Business, CNN, and BBC World News but when we dug deeper we found that none of these Press Agencies were in any way affiliated with the Coffee Cash Cheat.

If the deceptive scam tactics employed by the scam marketers behind the Coffee Cash Cheat aren’t enough to convince you that this binary options auto trader is indeed a scam then perhaps signing up with the product to see non-transparent and completely inaccurate trading history will be enough to convince you. Not only are the creators behind this auto trader guaranteeing you a success rate of over 94% but the investments listed in their history are completely inaccurate rates as seen in the image below.

The last red flag that we came across which perhaps is the most incriminating red flag would be how the software owner uses a fake identity to endorse his product. The software owner goes by the name of Sean Willow which is nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination; in fact the real identity of the man in the picture is Oleg Orlov who just happens to be a Polish actor. As you can see for yourself in the image below we have Oleg Orlov’s image which has been stolen and used as an alias for this binary options scam.

To Conclude

The Coffee Cash Cheat is one of the most deceptive option based auto trading scams that we have come across. If you are looking for a legitimate way to supplement your income online through day trading then we encourage you to reach out to us directly at [email protected] to learn about consistent and top rated trading solutions!


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