It is not easy to find your ideal College in the USA. is a new College Directory that combines easy navigation with sophisticated search functions and inquiry request option for more than 4500 Colleges. If you search for your ideal college in the internet, you will find endless resources. Unfortunately, even google is not yet capable of delivering the objectively best search sites for colleges in the first search results.

The ideal College Search should offer following options:
– include a comprehensive list of colleges
– provide various search options such as a-z, regional listings, major search and even keyword search
– provide the interested student with contact options to receive more information
– easy and quick navigation with few advertisements is a very quick loading portal website that immediately tells you what the site is all about – offering various search options for US and Canadian students to find their potential educational institution. Whether students use the regional listings, the major classifications with more than 500 majors or the keyword search that looks up desired degrees.

All US Colleges found in one of these various ways show a short school description and the degrees offered. If a college is interesting, the potential student can click “Order free infos” and send his or her address directly to the college. Since all colleges on offer this free information request option, the potential student can easily compare colleges in the comfort of their home by reviewing the brochures and other, sometimes multimedial information sent by the schools.

If you quickly want to find your ideal College/s out of more than 4500 Colleges in the USA and compare detailed infos in the comfort of your home, you should look at

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