Vitamark is become much more unique in the vitamin industry lately.. They offer better than average nutritional supplements to their marketers as an unlimited down line potential. However, despite all the hype, you need to hear the facts.

Their compensation plan at first glance isn’t so “simple” as they claim. For example your initial level down will yield a 54% commission, the 2nd out of the seventh will yield a 34 percent commission, then things dive off pretty steadily after that. This is a nice and bulky amount; it has to be. The marketplace for dietary supplements is effectively saturated at this time and while the revenue possibility is there, you might have to work pretty fierce to network yourself into a productive down line. This means a lot of prospecting, maybe even more than along with other MLM companies.

The major catch is their uni-Level plan still. This means one individual below you and one beneath them and so on. What that means to you as a MLM prospect is that you cannot “grow wide”. What it means to Vitamark are a a small number of extra dollar signs as individuals throw away extra money to acquire the rights to other distributorships to grow their organizations wider instead of deeper. This as well has the potential of becoming a “do it for someone else” business if you or someone else in your organization recruits someone who will not pull their own weight. Your down line stops there and you’ll end up prospecting to keep growing.

So for what makes Vitamark exceptional in the vitamin marketplace, without experiencing their products I’m going to have to go with their incentive plan. The start up expenses for a normal distributorship is in the under $30 range as of 2008 (website is not updated) but as continuously, you can enter into a better, more intense distributorship for merely a few dollars more. You will have to set up your distributorship for auto shipping of a specific quantity of product though. This can be a hassle for you if you do not possess the down line by now in place to help supply the spare stock or a great aunt or someone, where in serious need of vitamins.

Vitamark has had its portion of court dates first on in its account. In 2002 it fought (an ultimately won) an restraining order from Nutrition for Life International in relation to it’s trademark infringement. This was most possible to do more with the saturation level of the MLM vitamin market than the actual trademark its self. The business was recognized in 2002 by long time MLMers who know how to magnetize and recruit an group. Whether this is a nice thing or a bad thing is up to you to decide. However, they know things from the ground up. Like many other MLM opportunities the record of the company since their legal issues in 2002 has been rather spotless.

Like many other MLM companies though, they will carry on to multiply during bad economical times as people who would otherwise never venture out on their own will try anything to create a few extra dollars. Will Vitamark carry out your dreams? This for you to research and find out.

Source by Daniel Sigafoos