The city of Constanta in Romania lies on the western coast, of the Black Sea, about 200 hundred miles from the Bosphorus Strait. Constanta is the largest seaport, third largest city in Romania and the fourth largest port of Europe. It was not always, successful as a seaport however, in the 19th century under King Carol I, Constanta rose to the status of seaport and seaside resort. This has continued to be the source of growth and expansion for Constanta. Today, Constanta is grand resort for tourists who want to vacation in Eastern Europe.

In Constanta, visitors can explore many of the archaeological treasures of its past in Old Town. Standing amidst the ancient ruins and historical monuments are museums, shops and the Grand Casino. Constanta has a Philharmonic Orchestra, Ballet Theater and an Opera House. There is no lack of night entertainment in the nightclubs, cabarets, and open-air restaurants in Constanta. Traditional villages, grape vineyards and the Danube Delta are near by. The architectural genius of those who built the churches, palaces, aqueducts, Mosques and other historical buildings is amazing. The brilliant and gifted artisans who built the structures were masters of their craft.

There are many hotels and restaurants in Constanta and buses to ride in city. Car rental is an alternative. The airport is about 14 km from center city with buses, cabs or rental cars available for transport. Constanta has a bus station and train station. There is a direct train and air-flight between Constanta and Bucharest daily.

Source by Stig Kristoffersen