It believes the old customers of know that the Dapeng series phones always bring consumers unexpected surprise. Naturally, the Dapeng series phones on online store win a great many customers worldwide.

To meet the demands of customers and follow the trend, China mobile wholesale strongly recommends a brand new unprecedented DapengT8100 Mini D/E-Pad Quad Band Dual SIM 3.5 Inch Touch Screen Phone with TV WIFI Java.

The most outstanding fresh feature of the T8100 is it designed into mini iPad style. When look at the phone, the first reaction is this is just an iPad with much smaller size. It is just a 3.5 inch touch mobile phone. But use it, just like operating a iPad tablet PC. besides, the phone comes with Apple iPhone user interface. It is familiar and

If people like this model, no matter which country you from, you can use it available with compatible language. This new T8100 phoneequipped with various multi-languages such as English, French, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Czech, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Greek, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Swedish, Romanian.

The cheap China phone has high definition 2MP dual cameras. It can fully meet the photographing needs and self-capturing. Users can just carry it like a mini portable digital camera. You will not miss the beautiful scenery and wonderful memory. And its effect is not inferior to the digital camera.

As the first mobile version with iPad appearance, users can use the mini D/E pad phone to enjoy surf the internet wirelessly as long as there is a hot spot. This good function make this China phone as a good hand PC. Together with Java applications, users can download as many as cool java game to play. And also can enjoy the interest of hot fashion applications. Surf the net with a large number of application without charge. It is really cool, isn’t it?

The cool iPad style cell phone supports global analog TV function. Therefore, just like carry a mini portable TV in hand, it is very comfortable and convenient to watch TV programs anytime anywhere. Moreover, the operating is very simple. Just like setting FM radio, after setting location, users can watch many wonderful local TV channels with the cool unlocked China phone.

This new D/E pad phone has a very smart G-sensor. Just shake the phone softly, it will change the pages one after another. Also, users can also set screen automatic rotating function, video full screen rotating switch function, etc. It is cool and convenient to operate.

Besides, users can also surf the net to play SNS websites and online chat like Facebook, Opera5, MSN, etc. as well as other basic functions.

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