An iconic fashion house has chosen to use a parcel delivery service to manage the growing desire for clothes in its online store. Read all about the story and discover what parcel delivery services are offering the reknowned fashion house.

A fashion giant is hoping to grow its profits by strategically focusing on the world wide web in the European Union, with cheap parcel delivery options creating an important part of the firm’s goal.

The chain currently obtains a large part of its revenue from the continent, with a spokesperson saying that the business would like to grow its amount in the area by 2015. Ultimately, the company is intending for its online arm to produce just under 10 per cent year-on-year rise in profits.

This strategy will be aided by activity into the Asian and US markets, meaning parcel delivery services may obtain more custom as individuals search for the ideal courier service for their needs. Indeed, the design company will begin shipping to online users in the US this month, while European customers can currently purchase wares on the internet and have their product shipped with the web portal’s cheap parcel delivery service.

This is announced as facts unveiled over the month discovered an increase in the amount of money being spent online on sites during March, resulting in an increase in the amount of consumer parcel delivery traffic.

The investigation found that there were 16 per cent extra purchases over March 2010 compared to the same time period in 2009. The companies suggested that the convenience as important factors in the rise with cheap parcel delivery services making the shopping experience is more efficient than ever.

The investigation claimed that the holiday season helped boost the sector, as did companies grantingoffering special holiday offers. Still, the investigation also discovered that the UK remains coy when it comes to putting out the wallet for items such as clothing.

Source by Marcus Miles