Getting accepted into a CPA network is something which often frustrates many affiliate marketers. That’s simply because most of them are used to the direct acceptance which comes from the majority of the affiliate networks. Some CPA networks are more strict when choosing affiliates, since they demand a top quality marketer.

But this does not mean, you can’t get approved. You will want to read the tips below if you’re your goal is to make serious money through CPA Marketing.

Tips to getting accepted into CPA Networks:

a) Have You Own Blog or Website

The very first thing you need to have is a blog, website and email account. Refrain from using free web sites or email accounts. To be seen as a serious marketer, it’s vital that you own the web site. Your blog or web site should have relevant content to the offers you are targeting in your application.

b) Research Various CPA Marketing Networks

The second thing you will need to do, is choose the CPA networks you would like to participate in. To boost your chances you need to join more than just one. This is also because they’re likely to be a broad range of offers you may want to pick from.

A product which is available within one network might not be offered on another. Also, you must pay particular attention to offers which are offered in several networks as the commission is not necessarily the same! You may find that the exact same offer pays off more in another network.

c) Prepare Yourself For The Process

After you’ve established which networks you wish to join, proceed and download their application documents or visit their sign up form. They’ll very likely ask you some questions, such as how you will promote their products, where your primary web site is, how much website traffic you usually get, your experience with CPA marketing, whether you belong to any CPA networks, amount of money you spend on promotion/advertising on a monthly basis Etc. During the interview be professional, but relax, they just want to know some simple information about you and your goals.

Turn your radio or TV off. Focus on your interview with the CPA network manager. Take down notes. These questions might be frightening if you’re new, but try to answer them the best you can.

d) Be Pro-active

A good pro active action you should take, which will improve your odds of getting approved, is to call the CPA network after you’ve applied. This will make the affiliate administrator realise 2 key things: First, that you’re serious about marketing, and second, that you’re operating a real business and thus you are not likely to game their system in making more money.

e) Be Daring

As a last option, you may contact a prosperous CPA professional to recommend you. It often does not come to this, but it doesn’t hurt to make these kind of connections so you may use them if needed.

The Only Time to Say Never is… “Never Give Up

Never lose heart even when you get rejected. Take your time apply to other networks. There are many now, build your website, gain some experience, get advice from other marketers and keep on trying.

Do you want get into one of the hottest CPA networks online?

Source by L Adams