Craiglist is one of the developing sites on Internet that targets its users for providing information they searched for, find Internet jobs, display ads, buying & selling commodities  & many more, thus it is possible to make money by using Craiglist .

As a freelancer, you can post your services on Craiglist that may offer number of views that translate to quick jobs. Many businesses and individuals search the list offering looking for freelancer who can do specialized/non specialized jobs. Posting ads on the list is quite a monotonous task and requires huge effort in terms of maintenance, continuously posting and updating you profile.Craiglist auto poster such as Craiglist Bot Pro offers an unique way to post quickly the freelance profiles and services & gives
maximum exposure to it. Thus, it attracts online freelancing business for him at the click of one button.

Not only this many companies may use Craigslist to advertise their need of freelancer, seeking online jobs by posting their requirements.They can reach their target audiences by posting their ads to most appropriate category. By using Craiglist Bot Pro the contractors can aim at hiring individuals from different
cities by setting up a campaign in CL Bot Pro & targeting multiple cities & categories. By click of one button multiple ads get placed on Craiglist .

Craiglist Bot Pro  not only minimizes the efforts of freelancer , such that they can pay more attention on building up their business rather then on posting ads , gain more exposures for the online businesses. Not only this freelancer can check the status of each of his postings. He will be able to see the time of posting, what cities were classified ads posted to, if ads were successful or failed, along with emails confirmation were retrieved.The Craigslist Bot Pro uses advanced proprietary technology to make each of your ads unique when
posting. In addition, when you purchase the program, you will receive a comprehensive User Guide. By following the steps in our guide, you have a higher chance of keeping your ad from getting flagged.

When the Craigslist Bot Pro has finished your campaign it will also show this information.

This amazing software is available in two variants i.e.,
1)CL Bot Pro Standard which does not include the random email rotator module is available at a price of $67.
2)CL Bot Pro Professional which Includes random / multiple email address add-on ($149 value) is available at price of $99.

You can order this product following the link (open page & click the tab on top related to Craiglist auto poster).

Source by Abdul Hakam