Bluebirds are cavity nesters which means they require holes in trees to nest. Their numbers had dwindled because they were having trouble finding places to nest with forests being logged throughout America. Bluebirds are not endangered but they are definitely making a gradual comeback. If you want to help their species thrive you can put up a Bluebird house or Bluebird nesting boxes in your yard. Bluebirds will come and use these nesting boxes to lay their eggs if they find you have set it up in a good location. If you want to attract Bluebirds into your garden, you need to have certain factors in place.

Make sure the Bluebird House is at least 4 to 6 ft above the ground. Keeping this much distance from the ground is necessary to keep them safe from predators. Most bird experts recommend placing the bird house on a pole rather than a tree in order to avoid snakes or cats from easily getting to it. Make sure the pole you use is smooth so squirrels and raccoons won’t be able to climb it either. Some bird lovers take the extra measure and apply automotive grease to the pole to make it slippery and unsurmountable.  Keep the direction of the wind in mind when you set up your Bluebird nesting box. Stronger winds flow in a particular direction so make sure it is facing away from it and not towards it.

To attract Bluebirds in your garden it would be ideal to set up a bird bath nearby so they have a fresh source of water. Bluebirds love feasting on meal worms so you can also put those out along with regular bird seed. They also enjoy berry bushes so if you have a green thumb you can plant some blackberry bushes in your garden to attract them. It is important to put your nesting box up before their mating season. Bluebird mating season begins in March and ends around July, so make sure your bird house is ready and put up by then. Birds will have 2-3 broods per year so make sure you clean out the bird house once the birds have left the nest. If you leave old nests in there, new Bluebirds will not come to reside in your bird house. To avoid disease and mold from inhabiting your Bluebird birdhouse make sure you clean it out with a hose and a light detergent.

Now that you know what goes into setting up a Bluebird roosting box, you can put one up in your backyard. Bluebirds are pretty tolerant of human contact as long as you are cautious while approaching the nest and avoid surprising them. Most Bluebird Nesting Boxes are built in ways that allow you to regularly check on the progress of their babies. Unlike other birds, Bluebirds will not reject their own eggs if touched by humans, but it’s better to just observe rather than touch. Help the Bluebirds thrive by setting up a nesting box. During the harsher winter months, other birds may also use your bird house to escape the cold.

Source by Chantelle Simoes