As we know that selling goods online is a wonderful idea to start the business on internet. We know that the internet is having a wonderful potential. Whereas with the help of traditional business we can sell goods only to a specific area. But by using internet we can find the enormous consumers for our goods or the downloads.

The main problem for any one who wishes to start selling the goods or the downloads on the website is creating a website first of all. If you are ont able to make any type of investment then you can make a website for free. There are so many websites which allow you to create the websites and provide you free domain (website name) and free web hosting for a specific period.

Few of them which provides you free domain and web hosting are,,, You can start a website with the help of Frontpage or Dreamweaver or any other software you like and feel ease with that.

After creating a website you will need to upload it. Go to any of the websites mentioned above and upload the files. Your website will be running within 48 hours. Creating a website for free is very good step when you are new to the online business because it involves no expenditure. Create your website best according to you and having a great look so that the visitor attract to your website

Now it’s the time to make a list of the goods you want to sell. Show the list on the website and take help of those websites who can sell your product. There are so many websites which provide you a trial period for showing that when the goods will be sold the money will go to your Paypal Account. To create a Paypal Account go to website use the Merchant Services Tab to create “Buy Now” button for your websites.

The websites which you can choose for selling the goods are like,, You can upload the files you want to sell online on those sites and they will deliver the files to the customers email ID. You will need nothing to do. The money will go to your Paypal Account. With this help you will be able to collect good money without any investment. You can also add few utilities to your website which will tell you about the performance and the rush on your website. One of the utility is hit counter. This will tell you the no. of visitors on your websites. There are so many sites which can provide you to place a free hit counter on your websites. Few of them are and

This was a good way to make a free website and selling goods online, but there are so many other persons who are making money by doing nothing.. They are making money by selling those goods which they are getting from the companies free of cost. Companies are sending a lot of people free samples in these days costly items like MP3, MP4, iPOD free of cost, just for the purpose of evaluation. It is very interesting to know how to get the free samples. Please visit at for more details. There are so many visitors which visit on this website daily and apply for the free samples. They are getting the free samples and use those. Some of them also sell them to make money. visit for more details.


Source by Mark Riches