While the era of binary options may appear to be coming to a cataclysmic end, the predominant future of cryptocurrencies has shown extraordinary resolve and growth. Amongst the cryptocurrency unprecedented surge of growth would be unverified inhabitants within the cryptocurrency domain that take form as illicit mining operations, unverified investment solutions and misleading get-rich-quick schemes. Fortunately for us, we have been provided with perhaps the most effective cryptocurrency software known as Crypto Advantage.

Crypto-Advantage.com is a cutting edge semi-automated and social powered trading software designed specifically for the cryptocurrency realm. Compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, Litecoin and Monero this investment solution cultivates high probability investments that take form as digital options.


About Crypto Advantage Software

Uncharacteristically like other investment softwares for online investing, Crypto Advantage was engineered specifically for the investment of cryptocurrencies. Designed with a dual tier investment platform, investors have the ability to execute autonomously generated investment signals in a controlled, semi-automated capability or they can choose to rely upon investors who have showcased the best ROIs throughout an extended duration of time.

Every week the performance and ROIs of these qualified social investors are updated to assure that investors are following the most up-to-date traders. While the Crypto Advantage software is most recognized for their investment software it should be made known that investors who commit with this program also receive a free Ultimate Guide to Crypto Currency eBook that covers the broad dimensions of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and breaks it down in an easy to understand format.

How does CryptoAdvantage Function?

User-control is of paramount importance when it comes to investing with the Crypto Advantage software. Regrettably, as many of you know from experience, most fully automated trading systems fail miserably and tend to only be in existence for duration of up to a couple of weeks. This can be contributed to a vast number of reasons but the two most common would be that these systems are not re-calibrated on a consistent basis or the functionality of these systems in question was ineffective to begin with.

In the case of the Crypto Advantage software, investors can rest-assured knowing that the functionality of this software is not based upon the extinct principles of aimless auto-trading. Instead the Crypto Advantage was formulated around the principles of trend continuing algorithms and technical indicators that work in tangent with one another to generate high probability investment signals. For once the functionality of an investment software correlates in agreement to the overall cryptocurrency market consensus and behavior.

CryptoAdvantage - Bitcoin Trend

Pros and Cons of Crypto Advantage

While most investment solutions possess an excessive amount of disadvantages that tend to outweigh the advantages, the Crypto Advantage was constructed in a manner that focuses on minimizing these common disadvantages.


  • Comes with intuitive eBook
  • Available nearly everywhere
  • Available in mobile app store
  • Provides enhanced social trading
  • Generates high probability signals
  • Semi-automated (full user-control)
  • Broadens investors ability to invest cryptocurrencies


  • Solely operates with cryptocurrencies
  • Asserts unlikely ROIs on website page

Crypto Advantage FREE eBook

Crypto Advantage Trading Features

Crypto Advantage provides traders with access to a live investment platform that enables investors to operate under a semi-automated capacity. Signals are autonomously generated by the Crypto Advantage software along with from top performing crypto investors who have consistently been investing through the platform. Since investors remain in complete control over their investment account, traders are given the ability to dictate which investment signals are executed and which top performing crypto investors they wish to follow.

In addition, investors from varying demographics are able to interact with one another through the live trading platform while the insightful eBook provided will be sent instantaneously upon registration. A limited time free trial is also provided for prospective investors, which is essentially unheard of in the online investment industry. For those of you looking to get started with cryptocurrencies, Crypto Advantage provides a great avenue to do just that.

Crypto-Advantage Review Conclusion

Crypto Advantage enables investors who have been thwarted by high up-front costs the ability to invest with bitcoins and related cryptocurrencies. Empowering investors and giving them full control over their investment portfolio is not an unreasonable demand yet almost every other trading software prohibits this investor capability. Contrary to the norm, Crypto Advantage was created around the principle of effective and powerful cryptocurrency investing and should, just as bitcoin has done, withstand the rest of time.

Review Verdict: Crypto Advantage is Watchdog Approved!

Official Website: Crypto-Advantage.com

Get Started with CryptoAdvantage

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