Read our Crypto Shield review before becoming too interested in investing in this sham. The meteoric rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has afforded investors to become Bitcoin millionaires.  However, it has also given rise for fraud to manifest itself.  Crypto Shield is not an investment opportunity, but an invitation to participate in a scam that will eventually lose your capital.  We have prepared an impartial review on CryptoShield App listing out the indicators of why it is a scam.

The official site for the Crypto Shield system is   This scam site was registered on the 14th October 2017 – just a few days from writing this Crypto Shield review and has absolutely no track record for performance.  As such, we could find no evidence to substantial the profits and performance that are being claimed by this scam site.

We are introduced to Anthony Hopkins the CEO for the Crypto Shield trading service.  Needless to say, there should be no confusion between this Anthony Hopkins and Sir Anthony Hopkins, the acclaimed Academy Award winner.  The choice of name is not even unfortunate.  It is. of course,  intended to be used with a warped sense of humor.  Anthony Hopkins may have eaten brains for pleasure in his performance of Hannibal.  However, our Anthony Hopkins will no doubt eat up your capital with more relish.

I dare say that the choice of name for the bogus CEO of the scam Crypto Shield is intended and not a slapstick mistake.  This is because trying to find out any real background information about an iconic name will prove almost impossible.  Therefore, just like the name Crypto Shield indicates, the name of Anthony Hopkins is merely a shield of duplicity.  Therefore, we are safe in assuming that we do not know anything about the developers of this App.  The real owners of the site prefers to remain anonymous.  We can only think of one reason, why this would be the case.  Scam.

Can I Make Money with Crypto Shield – Is it the Best Investment Now?


If you are looking for investment opportunities and getting started with cryptocurrencies, then Crypto Shield is not your answer.  Crypto Shield works on parallel lines with Binary Options.  As recently as the 25th October, Binary Options have been declared illegal in Israel.  The fact that, Crypto Shield is offering an automated trading system is already a scam. The robot is supposed to crawl the crypto currency prices and find the right time to enter and exit a trade.

In this respect, we are not given any indication of which algorithms, indicators of even trading strategies. We are just told that this robot has the ability to have a 99% success rate in its guesswork.

As we have indicated earlier, the site is only a few days old.  Proof of this is being illustrated below.  Therefore, the natural question that arises is “where is the track record?”  Where is the evidence, that will prove beyond doubt that the claims are ethically correct?

 Crypto shield

The Crypto Shield Scam App is being presented to us as day trading for dummies.  It is aimed at enticing newbies, who may have difficulty understanding how crypto currencies work.  It is meant to be a simple solution for fast free money.  In truth, it is nothing but your entry ticket for losses.

In all our years of reviewing scams, this is one of the easiest to spot.  It offers the following red flag indicators

  • Impossible Revenue Gains
  • Not supported by a verifiable system of trading
  • Anonymous Identity of the developers – you do not know who you are dealing with
  • Promises impossibly high success rate
  • Deals with unlicensed brokers

crypto shield

Crypto Shield – Further Evidence of Scam – Fake Reviews

We go back to our original questions surrounding the validity of this site.  The anonymous developers of this site that is just a few days old, would like us to believe on how trustworthy their system is, by planting a number of fake reviews from satisfied clients.  Such a glowing list of successful traders is naturally reassuring to any potential victim who is reviewing Crypto Shield as a possible investment for his hard earned cash.

Therefore, if you are new to trading online, you may be surprised to find that this is nothing but a classic scam tactic.  Therefore, the site cannot have such a glowing list of happy users if the site has only been operational for days.  The reviews are fake and planted.  They are merely put on the site in order to give new traders a false sense of security.


Negligent Mistakes – Crypto Shield Exposed

Some weeks back yet another scam was exposed to the whole wide world.  This scam was called The Gates Way Software.  If you run a google search on the Gates Way software you will find that your search results will only elicit scam reviews.

Therefore, you can imagine our surprise when we realized that the Anthony Hopkins Crypto Shield fraud is developed by the same scammers as the Gates Way Scam.  Below is illustrated evidence.  The shabby negligence of the developers has led them to forget to go through their fine print, when using a copy and paste scam from their earlier fraud.

 crypto shield

Cryptoshield Scam Review Conclusion

We seriously doubt whether we can further amplify on this scam.  The Cryptoshield scam site is a hastily put together effort at trying to prey on innocent traders.  Do not be duped by this scam.  Cryptoshield scam is not the best way to earn with cryptocurrencies.  It is merely a vehicle to strip you of your hard-earned cash.

Have you been victim to scam?  Please do not hesitate to drop us an email or leave a comment.  If you suspect that an offer is not legitimate, let us know about it and we promise to order a review within 24 hours.  The Sheriff is dedicated to exposing scams whichever form they take.



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