The Crypto Trade Fair Bitcoin mining investment program promises some truly miraculous results that will make you stinking rich. However, there is a lot to comb over here, and it’s why we are doing a Crypto Trade Fair scam review. Something just doesn’t seem right here!

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Crypto Trade Fair Mining System – Company & Leadership

The first Crypto Trade Fair scam factor which came to our attention here is that it totally lacks transparency and is completely anonymous. There is nowhere on the website where we are informed of who is in charge of this Bitcoin mining operation.

There is no mention of a CEO, a manager, or anything else of the sort. This automatically makes us very suspicious. Unless there is something illegal going on here, why else would the owners purposely choose to remain hidden from sight? This lack of transparency is always a clear indication that something very shady is going on.

Next, in terms of the company itself, on the Crypto Trade Fair website, we are provided with a company address, as well as an email address. Naturally, we tried contacting them, and of course, nobody ever responded to us. On that same note, the advertised company address is totally bogus too. Sure, it’s a real address, but it does not belong to this company. It’s a lie!


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Finally, what we also noticed is that the Crypto Trade Fair company registration document displayed on the website is highly questionable at best. For one, there is a totally different company name listed on the document, which is super suspicious indeed. Next, although there is a link to the certificate in PDF format, when we check the actual registry, there is no Crypto Trade Fair of any kind to be found. This therefore indicates that the registration document has been forged.

On a side note, it’s also clear that this company is not licensed. This is a Bitcoin investment firm and therefore needs to be properly licensed, which it is not. At the end of the day, this is an anonymous, unregistered, and unlicensed business entity which has absolutely no business or authority to do anything in relation to making investments of any kind!


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Crypto Trade Fair Bitcoin Mining – No Evidence Of Such

The next Crypto Trade Fair red flag which popped up has to do with the mining itself. Here, we are never provided with any real or solid information in relation to the Bitcoin mining process. We are not told where the mining farms are located, what kind of hardware is being used, what the overhead costs are, what the hash rates are, or anything else of the sort. As far as we can tell, there is absolutely no evidence that any such Bitcoin mining ever occurs here. It’s just another indication that something less than truthful is in the works here.



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Crypto Trade Fair HYIP – Ridiculous & Unclear ROI

Yet another Crypto Trade Fair scam factor which came to our attention has to do with the ludicrous ROI promised through the mining of Bitcoin. The exclusive plan claims that you will receive an ROI of 85% on your initial investment in a specific duration of 1. Now, based on what we have heard, this supposedly equals a return of 10% per day.

However, the website is all very unclear about it. The investment period duration is listed as “1”, but how long “1” actually is, is never told to us. It’s super confusing to say the least. However, either way, even a 10% daily ROI is out of this world, and it’s super unrealistic. Bitcoin mining, while it can be profitable, is not that profitable, not to mention that we have already discussed how there is absolutely no evidence that any such mining ever goes on here! It just cannot be believed.


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Crypto Trade Fair Latest Withdrawals Charts – BOGUS!

In a vein attempt to convince investors that this Crypto Trade Fair Bitcoin Mining HYIP is indeed the real deal, the website displays a withdrawals chart. Yet, this kind of chart can be created in a matter of minute with basic computer software, by a 10 year old child. There is absolutely nothing which says to us that this withdrawals chart is the real deal. Moreover, we have already received a significant amount of complaints regarding this Bitcoin mining scam. Everybody who has contacted us has complained that they never got any sort of ROI, which is really all that we need to know about this crypto mining scam.


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Fake Crypto Trade Fair User Testimonials

The website also shows a bunch of user testimonials from people who are supposedly pleased with this Bitcoin mining service. However, once again, there is no way to confirm that these Crypto Trade Fair user testimonials are legit in any way. We tried looking up the people who allegedly left these testimonials or reviews, and of course, we could not locate them, outside of the website itself anyway. These user testimonials are super easy to fake, and based on all of the complaints we have gotten about this service so far, it’s safe to assume that they are also totally bogus.


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Crypto Trade Fair Referral Program – More Lies!

There is also a Crypto Trade Fair referral program advertised on the website, which we are sure is also a bunch of lies. We are told that there is a referral or affiliate system in place which provides you with a financial bonus if you get others to invest. However, for one, we are never told what the percentage bonus is. We have no idea how much the bonus is supposed to be. It really doesn’t matter because it’s just an easy way for these crooks to lure in even more victims. Of course, they don’t ever pay out the referral bonuses as promised.

Crypto Trade Fair Review – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, the only thing you need to know abut the Crypto Trade Fair scam is to stay away from it! It’s a complete rip off!


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