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Official website is: crypto-trader.co

Crypto Trader system allegedly offers us a financial freedom. This software guarantees you minimum $5,000 dollars a day. It is free and you can use Crypto Trader at any computer device. And that’s not all, the system is completely automatically. All you need to do is making five clicks on Crypto Trader program every morning, while you drinking your coffee. It is so easy to use and you become a millionaire for short period of time. Sounds good, but do you think it is so simple indeed? Let’s rise the curtains a little bit more!

Who is David Richman?

David Richman claims that he is the creator of Crypto Trader. He reads a few hacker books given to him by his uncle, and the idea appeared. He learns, how to break different codes and voila here it is, the idea for making a profitable software become clear! We don’t say this statement is not true, but we can’t find anything on the web for David Richman. We did extensive search about him and all we manage to find is associate only with crypto–trader.co web page. Moreover, there is no mention of any company name during this video presentation. Anonymous software always should rise red flags! Therefore, we cannot trust this guy with anything he says! This is our first clue we are dealing with scam!

How Crypto Trader Works?

Crypto Trader system works as scanning the world markets by using algorithms. These algorithms analyze millions of data pieces in real time at deepest levels. The system is looking for a specific trading signals and executing them for profit. This will allow you to make a lot of money. Also David Richman allege the system has no investment risk and it is impossible to lose.

Disturbing things found!

When we start the Crypto Trader video presentation on crypto-trader.co web site, we found fake testimonials. The people that you see in this video never traded with Crypto Trader system. If you pay attention you will see that their eyes actually follow a script and these people just reading their testimonials. Moreover, in disclaimer we can see: “In some cases actors have been used.” Which prove our point! Therefore, we cannot trust this claims! This is another proof for Scam!

Crypto Trader system works by providing trading signals for us to follow. Providing trading signals is considering as giving a financial (investment) advice, which is a regulated activity and requires license. But we don’t see any. And because this Crypto Trader service is totally anonymous we can’t file a complaint if something goes wrong.

More Alarming things!

Crypto Trader System only trades when you are GUARANTEED to make a profit! And promise you $5,000 dollars a day, every day. Think a little people, is that possible? There is no software, bot or broker that can separate wining from losing trades! No one can predict what will happen with certain asset on trade market for any given time! Therefore, we cannot accept these claims for 100% wining rate! Another sign for Scam! This Crypto Trader software is nothing more than one big fat lie, aims only to drain your money!

Crypto Trader Scam Review – Conclusion!

Nothing inside crypto-trader.co is looking good! That Crypto Trader is a Scam and does not deserve your time and it is clearly with intention to loot your hard earn money! The crooks behind scams just change the actors, the domains and some names and words here and there, promise fast rewards, almost do nothing except registration, you stay at home and money starts to come to you themselves. If this was true, we all will be millionaires. The real world doesn’t work like that. We simply cannot let you sign up and lose anything with that Crypto Trader Scam!

Review Verdict: Crypto Trader is a Confirmed Scam! Be watchful and Avoid crypto-trader.co!

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