Read our indisputable review regarding the Crypto Robot 365 SCAM, before you lose more than just your money. Every component that constructs the Crypto Robot 365 scam are fabricated lies meant to deceive traders much like yourself out of your hard-earned money. Due to the extreme efforts exerted by fake scam sites pretending to serve as watchdogs for binary options, these scam sites have allowed Crypto Robot 365 to fester and victimize hundreds of online traders. Be sure to read our unbiased review to learn all the falsehoods associated with this scam along with safer online trading options.

Debunking the Crypto Robot 365 Scam

Found at, one of the most misleading characteristics exhibited by this scam would be how it appears as a legitimate investment offer. As you can see for yourself in the image above, the website is sleek and offers user-friendly navigation making it seem ideal for beginners. Perhaps what is even more disturbing would be how this website relies on unverified investment results and purchased stock images to mislead those interested in a binary options trading software out of their money. Founded on July 10th, 2017, this relative new trading scam is ruthless and not at all what it seems to be.


One of the most deceptive qualities with this scam would be the “Top 10 crypto traders for July 2017.” Claiming that these individuals are traders with their platform and have generated substantial profits with there system is one unforgivable lie. As you can see in the image below, these “traders” are nothing more than stolen and purchased stock images. Meaning that none of the testimonials asserted at are authentic. Which leads us ask the question of why you would want to put your faith in a system that is a clear scam.

Crypto Robot 365

How the Crypto Robot 365 Software Works?

The most information we extracted from the website and live chat agent would be that the Crypto Robot 365 trading software automatically buys and sells crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. No insight on the functionality of this software is ever provided, leading us to ponder whether it is powered by some bogus trading algorithm or a few rigged technical indicators. One evident fact would be that all of the claims asserted by this scam cannot be trusted. Even the avatars used to portray “live chat agents” are phony stock images.

Crypto Robot 365 Fake Live Chat

CryptoRobot365 – Scam or Fraud?

In the binary options industry we have learned an important lesson when dealing with binary options investing and that would be that trust needs to be earned. In the case of the Crypto Robot 365 scam, we believe it is safe to say that trust has NOT been earned! The numerous stock images is evidence enough to conclude that we are dealing with a fraudulent auto trader for binary options and crypto currencies. Severe or complete loss of investment funds have been reported with this scam along with a endless spam mail.

Crypto Robot 365 - Fake Testimonials

Crypto Robot 365 Verdict – Bogus SCAM EXPOSED!

We cannot emphasize how imperative it is to conduct research prior to committing your money with an online investment endeavor. Due to lack of experience and gullibility, a considerable amount of newbie investors have lost not only precise time and money but also hope for achieving the goals they originally set out to conquer. We can assure you the only result by trusting and trading with the Crypto Robot 365 would be pain and misery. It is quite clear that the scammers behind this auto trader are willing to lie to your face and are not looking out for your best interests!

Review Verdict: Crypto Robot 365 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Best Alternative: OptionRobot – Most Trusted Software of 2017


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