The CryptoSoft AutoTrading Robot by Thomas Green is under review.  If you looking for the best investment opportunity, you may want to read this full and impartial CryptoSoft review before sinking in your cash.  We have reason to believe that this new Crypto Software is not what it claims to be.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  If you want to save yourself dangerous crypto speculation, then you should steer clear of the Cryptosoft trading App and move to safer investment opportunities.

The Crypto Software claims to deliver $1760 to $5489 right to your doorstep by the end of the day.  This exorbitant rate of return is guaranteed on a humble investment of $250.

If you are a day-trader looking for ways on how to earn with bitcoin, then you may have come across the Cryptosoft trading software.  As explained earlier, the Cryptosoft robot promises to take control of your capital and trade on the volatility of cryptocurrencies.  The developers of this scam site posing under the name of the fictitious name Thomas Green, are making wild promises that they can give you extraordinary results. Please read our CryptoSoft review down to the end to see how far scammers go to get your capital.

The Crypto Soft App is nothing but a scam HYIP  (High Yield Investment Program).  Actually, you are basically being invited to join a binary options trading scam.  Once you register with the Cryptosoft scam system, you are simply led to an unregulated and unlicensed broker.

The problem is not just that you will lose your initial capital of $250.  More likely than not, once you have surrendered your credentials, you will have dealers from the brokers hounding you to deposit more funds.  You will certainly be promised a dedicated manager for your investment and that you will have a better chance of making money. You will keep chasing good money after bad.

cryptosoft review

Is Crypto Soft A Scam? The CryptoSoft Review Exposes


There is no question that Crypto Soft is a scam.  The “developers” of this scam are hiding behind the fictitious name of Thomas Green.  This is a name that can be found in a number of scams and therefore is only a pseudonym.  We are told that the software has a success rate of 87%.  Given that binary options trading never pays out more than 75%, this means that at $25 per trade, the software needs to take at least 375 trades per day in order to arrive close to $5000 profit. You can never trade more than 10 trades at a time on a capital of $250.  Expiry may vary from five minutes to end of day.

If you are a newbie, you may actually believe it.  In reality, there are not enough hours in one day for this type of trading.

Claims of Impossible Revenue – Scam Tactics

If you are a seasoned trader, you will immediately see the impossibility of this claim.  Cryptosoft is not a revolutionary investment opportunity as it claims, but a widely impossible scam.  Serious day traders will be lucky if they find more than 10-20 winning opportunities on a good day. So even, with a proven a tested software, you will be very lucky to double your capital in one day.

To further prove our point we have downloaded the software and tried using the indicators on demo accounts on several platforms of our own choice.  At best we had a 55% accuracy.  The result was that by the end of one week we had lost all of our virtual capital.

Naturally, the Crypto Soft Trading App is targeting beginners who feel lost in the new world of cryptocurrency trading.  They are merely vying on innocent prey ready to turn them into victims. This is why it is so important to do proper due diligence and read Crypto Soft review before commitment.

More Evidence of Scam with Proof


The Cryptosoft website boasts of having seven years of professional trading with results.  However, once we started digging into or we have found no evidence of legitimate trading institutions.  All we have found is a newly formed company with its owners being invisible to the public in general.

Furthermore, the alleged CEO Thomas Green, prefers to stay behind the curtains of obscurity.  There is no image of the perpetrator.  Nothing that we can upload on Google Images and check it out.

Therefore, it goes to prove that whoever is behind this shady scam, prefers to stay anonymous.  Scammers, naturally prefer to stay anonymous, because once they are exposed, they are nowhere to be found.

Notwithstanding the fact that this software was launched only a few days ago, there are already several CryptoSoft reviews that are disavowing the Crypto Soft scam.  The websites that are disclaiming Cryptosoft are serious sites that have a lot of followers.  They and us included have received a number of complaints from disgruntled investors, even at this early stage.

But if you are still considering investing in bitcoin gambling with Crypto Soft, we can table one more piece of evidence that will leave you in no doubt how sick this scam is.

Fake Testimonials – CrytpoSoft Review Exposes All

Of course, one of the best ways to convince victims to participate in this scam is to table evidence by way of testimonials.  The testimonials come in the form of traders who report making fantastic returns on their capital by using the CryptoSoft scam.

Our job is to disprove and expose.  Hence, this Cryptosoft review. Therefore we invite you to have a look at the testimonials of the Crypto Software system.  They are fake.  They are testimonials that have been purchased for $5 or a little more! The images below say it all.  There is nothing to add except that manipulated and fabricated proof of income is despicable.


Cryptosoft Review Conclusion and Verdict

This CryptoSoft review has detailed reasons why this software is not a safe system for day trading.  This software will only lead you to scam brokers who will siphon your hard earned cash.  Crypto Soft is nothing but a losing scam. The use of fake testimonials in order to convince investors of legitimacy is totally despicable.  We have no idea how the system works (because it does not work) and we have no evidence of who is behind the scenes.  This is nothing but an invitation to the dark web.

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