We are here doing a CryptoTrader scam review, a review that will shed some light on this malicious software. CryptoTrader trading software is a relatively new binary options and Forex trading platform. This is not just any platform though, because it is not designed to help you generate a profit in any way. After all, binary options trading is supposed to be fairly lucrative, yet not when you use a total pile of junk program like this one. Some scam systems out there actually seem legit at first glance, but that is definitely not applicable here.

We did not have to do very much digging around to realize how dangerous CryptoTrader scam software is. We only had to look at it out of the corners of our eyes to determine what is going on here. Everything from the supposed creator of the program and the brokers to the promise of profits is totally fabricated. There is little not a single shred of truth to this whole thing. We are here to warn you about this program and to tell you that this is one malignant tumor that you just can’t fight.

According to Alexa, by the way, the software is already becoming slightly popular, especially in South Africa, France, Hungary, Egypt and the Dominican Republic.

CryptoTrader Trading App – Dave Richmond

David Richmond is the man, whom we the viewer, are led to believe is the owner and creator of CryptoTrader scam software. We could go on and on about how clearly phony this guy is, but there is really no point to that. If you watch this clown talk, you will notice that he sounds about as smart as a potato, plus he looks about the same too.

Seriously, this bearded spud spends countless minutes rambling on about stuff that just doesn’t make sense, nor is any of it relevant to anything at all. This guy can barely read the script he is provided with, let alone explain this horrible piece of software engineering to us. This man has no place in the world of binary options, which is evidenced by the fact that he can barely pronounce those two words to begin with.

David Richmond - CryptoTrader

Anyway, this guy gives us some nonsensical and totally useless explanation of who he is and what CryptoTrader software is all about. If you can understand what this fool is saying, please let us know because we would definitely be interested in how exactly you deciphered the crap that Dave is spewing from his pie hole.

The bottom line is that upon doing some further research, it becomes apparent that he is a paid actor, and not an expensive or good one either. This man’s name is not Dave Richmond and he certainly does not know the first thing about the program he is talking about or about binary options in general. It is a genuine surprise to us that this Richmond character even has enough brain cells to clothe and feed himself.

How Does The CryptoTrader Program Work?

Well, you guess is as good as ours. Amidst all of the jibber jabber that the paid actor known as David Richmond slings at us, he never really explains how CryptoTrader software is supposed to function. He says something along the lines of this program is good, it functions well, and it will make money for you. Well, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, we had assumed that a binary options trading program was designed to generate cash, so thanks Mr. Obvious, you were a big help. THAT IS WHAT WE CALL SARCASM!

Seriously though, we are never informed of any trading strategies, algorithms, or are ever offered even a basic and rudimentary explanation of exactly how CryptoTrader scam software supposedly works. Maybe it is because the paid actor is too stupid to formulate a real sentence, or maybe the program doesn’t really do anything at all. Either way, we are not about to sink a single penny into this absolutely ridiculous trading system.

CryptoTrader Scam – Website Lies

Another boldfaced lie which we discovered with barely any digging around has to do with the supposed creation date of CryptoTrader, as well as when the website went up. Long story short, we are told that people have been using this software to generate millions and millions of dollars for the last six months. However, when we looked up the CryptoTrader domain registry info for the website, the facts spoke much louder than the garbled and incoherent words of Dave Richmond. The CryptoTrader site has only been up for a little over a couple of weeks, not six months.

Whois CryptoTrader.co

These crooks are just spoon feeding us lies to make this crappy trading program seem legitimate while we are lured into giving them our money. This is akin to a siren in the Greek ocean luring in unsuspecting sailors with their beautiful voices, only to eat their brains and eyeballs while the sailors die a slow and painful death. Rest assured, that horrific death will be yours if you use CryptoTrader scam software, or at least it will spell the end of your investing life.

CryptoTrader Scam Software – Impossible Profits

It is kind of funny just how gullible the idiots behind this CryptoTrader program think we are. They actually promise us daily profits of over $5,000 when using CryptoTrader. They even claim that there is virtually no risk of losing any trades with CryptoTrader software, not to mention that it never stops trading. Well, to say the least, there are just a few problems with those claims.

First off, there is no way that any trading program could ever eliminate all risk from trading binary options. Risk is here to stay and no trading software can ever change that. Next, the statement that CryptoTrader scam software never shuts down is also a lie. Markets are closed on the weekends, which means that trades just cannot be executed, and once again, no amount of lying could ever change that. Finally, there is no trading software in the world that can take in five thousand bucks per day. It is unachievable, impossible, and totally ludicrous to believe otherwise.

CryptoTrader Scam Review – Verdict

The judge and jury have spoken. They are calling for the executioner right now. CryptoTrader software is undoubtedly a scam. There is just way too much evidence that reveals the true colors of this monumental trash heap and not a single shred of truth to anything said here. This is a scam and it will steal your money.

Review Verdict: CryptoTrader is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: crypto-trader.co

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