There’s nothing reliable about the CryptoTrader System. The Crypto Trader Review System truth is a vicious scam. Steer clear of these crooks unless you want to lose everything! ***Let’s make one thing clear from the very beginning – do not believe any of the claims on the Crypto Trader website! Right from the top they claim to have been the number one binary signals service for an amazing 1321 days. Says who exactly? Nobody!

At the time of this CryptoTrader review they have only even been registered for under a month – so it’s safe to say that this completely made up. How can a baby signals service be the best when it’s certainly not been running for over three years? As we’ll see in this expose of the Crypto Trader system, the sorry truth that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s many other factors that when taken as a whole demonstrate that we can safely fling this nasty little project firmly in the scam bucket! He’res all the proofs anyone might need.

CryptoTrader Review :- Fake Bitcoin/ Crypto Currency System Exposed !!

Unlike most other binary review sites – an increasingly large number of which are incidentally also scams – we don’t like to delve too deep into the nonsense back stories that much. In the case of Crypto Trader App, their background is very vague and utterly without any actual proof. Budding investors/victims are supposed to believe that ‘Mark Evans’ in association with a mysterious David Richmen fell into partnership, and developed a 100% automatic trading software (raise those red flags!) that they are now inviting others to use.

Regular readers will have heard this kind of back story on many other scams, and as we shall see the reality is that Evans and everyone else featured within the Crypto Trader’s presentation are actors or just utterly made up. Don’t believe me? ‘David Richmen’ is in fact a low rent day actor by the name of David Richmen who has featured on plenty of other binary trading scams already. He must be cheap because his acting is awful.

So from the very beginning we can safely say that the who story behind Crypto Trader Review system is garbage. They go to great lengths to bombard unfortunate viewers with masses of nonsense jargon that sounds impressive, but is totally meaningless. But don’t worry – apparently their world class software handles all these complex mathematical postulations, so anyone can use their CryptoTrader product. Now where have we heard that before – oh, in literally every other scam on the market!

Never Join the Scam :-

Proven Crypto Trader Scam Software Exposed!

Crypto Trader Scam

So if this is a truly unique trading system we’d expect it to be something we’ve never seen before. Upon investigation and reviews – and truth be told already expecting the worst – it was confirmed within seconds that there’s nothing original or groundbreaking about the Crypto Trader software. Instead it’s just a rehashed, re-skinned version of an old, well known binary scam software that has stolen likely many millions of dollars from well meaning investors across dozens of other scams.

What makes CryptoTrader Review system a little different is that they put so much effort into using their jargon and bizarre theories, that it provides a thick smokescreen that will likely blind many investors from the actual truth. The majority of other scams that use this Crypto Trader software are literally the lowest quality scams imaginable, the kind of frauds that can be churned out en masse with alarming speed and next to zero effort. Instead the crooks behind the CryptoTrader project have put in a little more effort here.

The sad truth is that curious/naive traders will either remain oblivious to the actual truth that their Crypto Trader software is designed to ensure they lose and their funds are appropriated by a criminal element. After all, you can’t even use the software until after a $250 start up deposit is made – and once that transaction has been concluded there’s no hope in seeing that capital ever again.

Why? Simply because this CryptoTrader software is designed to pair investors with shady, unregulated and untraceable ‘preferred partner brokers’ who will trade away your money into their untraceable accounts. Unlike reputable legit signals services who should usually offer a variety of brokers to choose between, there’s no choice with Crypto Trader system. It’s scammer or scammer. Either way – you lose – so don’t even think about funding their PlusOption ‘service’. It’d be quicker just to burn the cash.

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CryptoTrader Team Claims A Near 90% Success? Reality Exposed !!

Sure they do and this is again a solid example of how they use complex terms to provide a false sense of legitimacy to their scam. In layman’s terms Crypto Trader Review App claims a 78% ITM success rate when scalping and 85-90% when using non scalping approaches. There’s absolutely no legitimate, independent evidence provided to substantiate their claims. However in fact they actually shoot themselves in the foot with these profit projections.

You see rather than just trust to faith like most scams do, the Crypto Trader website goes to astonishing lengths to provide some utterly false proofs. Featured within their testimonials on their inner site (don’t provide any real details if you want to see for yourself) is one comment that really stands out. They claim that one of their supporting rave reviews is on the part of a binary reviews website that sounds grandiose, but as far as we can see doesn’t exist. If it ever did, there’s no finding it now. Clearly the scammers behind CryptoTrader website just write their own reviews – a common tactic used by any fraudulent financial service.

For anyone still not convinced here’s the final nail in the Crypto Trader Program coffin. Their entire testimonial section is a total copy from another proven scam site. I mean how lazy can a crook be? They go to all the effort of making a grimy presentation video, make up lashings of bizarre yet impressive sounding jargon, just to then copy the false reviews from another criminal enterprise.

Web Marketing Update – Important!

CryptoTrader Software

While doing the rounds searching out fresh scams shortly after publishing this Crypto Trader review, it came to our attention that this system is really pushing their marketing. There’s a number of scam websites that offer glowing reviews – we knew this – but it’s really pushing into social media and spam emails. Clearly the masterminds behind this CryptoTrader scam have really gotten behind their nasty little creation, so if you see any reference on Facebook/Twitter etc claiming that this is an amazing service – do the decent thing and warn your friends right away!

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Conclusion :- CryptoTrader App Is a Confirmed SCAM !!

The evidence against Crypto Trader Review App is damning. Make no mistake this is a total scam, yet also don’t forget that this isn’t a ‘product’ aimed at people who know what they’re doing. Instead it’s an opportunistic Crypto Trader company’s system that relies upon actors, fabricated testimonials and admittedly impressive marketing to dupe those who don’t do their research or are desperate enough to take a chance. To put it bluntly this is nothing more than an elaborate confidence trick, and sadly one that generates considerable profits for the hidden crooks who run the show. There’s no regulation – not even a phone number or geographical location provided anywhere on the CryptoTrader website. That alone should make anyone who has the faintest clue about sensible investing steer well clear of this 100% proven scam.

CryptoTrader Review :- Scam Crypto Trader System Exposed !!

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