Have you ever encountered customers with personalities that are sometimes difficult to offer help? According to Dr. Moore with Second Story Counseling and Consultants in Chicago, there are six distinct types of customer personalities:

The Know it Alls

These folks tend to be experts in just about everything. Sometimes, they can come off as arrogant and often opinionated. When they are wrong about a subject, they usually put the blame someplace else.

The Passives

Passives usually try to avoid conflict at all costs. When presented with conflict, they usually tend to be non-committal and agreeable. These folks usually do not offer opinions or let you know how they feel about a given subject.

The Dictators

These folks often have strong personalities and can come across as bullies. In addition, they can sometimes unintentionally be insulting. Brutally critical, they can be very difficult to work with.

The Yes People

Yes people tend to agree with any commitment and will promise to meet unreachable deadlines. You can tell you are dealing with a Yes person because they often apologize for a problem – many times ones that they did not create.

The No People

No people are negative and downright pessimistic. They tend to look at what is not working instead of what is. Resistant to change, these folks can throw a wet blanket over an entire process.

The Complainers

Just like the name implies, the complainers find something to complain about with almost every situation. While they are often correct in their complaint, they find it difficult to offer praise or see the good in a situation.

Knowing what kind of personality you are dealing with can go a long way with developing ways to handle the situation.

Source by Johnny Blogger