Customer relationship management or CRMis a group of practices to improve customer friendly nature of a company. CRM practices involve the automation of all business proceedings and offering better quality services to customers, especially to good customers. The sole reason why these practices are becoming popular is the increased competition. Good CRM practices can make the customer himself as the greatest advertisement tool for these companies and business groups.

Customer Relationship Management systems will have a wide range of features and applications to help individuals and organizations to manage the customer interactions, which form the backbone of any business. The main application of CRM software is the sales force automation or SFA. This feature helps enterprises in the management of customers through a well defined, reliable system of procedures and processes. SFA reduces paper works, time expenditure, offer better control over all processes, better communication between company staffs, and more effective employee training methods.

Today, CRM software programs are available mainly in two formats, in standard format and in customizable format. The built-in and customizable functionalities of CRM software automate a number of business tasks such as customer tacking, data migration, data integration, database management etc. All Customer Relationship Management software programs are developed to tackle every troubles occurring during different business processes.

A well defined CRM solution helps an organization in opportunity management, activity management, lead management, sales forecasting, contact management, account management, product management, real-time analytics, time management etc. They are also able to provide timely or on demand sales reports, sales process guides, better business plans and trouble shooting plans. All these CRM and sales force automation features are available in a consolidated package or as separate modules which will be provided as opted by the user.

The CRM software products available vary with CRM vendors and CRM types as they are developed to meet some specific requirements and facilities. Open source CRM software systems are free to customize programs, which allow the user to customize the standard CRM software to meet his or her specific business needs. On demand CRM solution, also known as hosted CRM or web-based CRM, enables the concerned individuals to retrieve the data and services from a distant database maintained by a CRM provider at any time from anywhere for a monthly fee.

Irrespective of the type, all CRM systems will have a huge database for storing all tracked and inputted customer data. The customer interaction feature of CRM systems enables organizations to offer top class customer services by integrating customer data, activities and applications from disparate sources. The sophisticated communication tools built in these CRM systems help to maintain the customer contact and to develop more meaningful interaction between the company and clients.

CRM solutions help in improved decision making and customer service. Today, CRM solutions help in developing effective interaction with employees within an organization and salespersons at different regions. These systems can perform entire task involved in lead management such as lead assigning, lead routing and fulfillment of leads. Purchasing or hiring a CRM application will help in the proper management of the business.

As all of us know, profitable businesses depend on the ability to measure current business activity, forecast future revenues, identify customer trends, and to evaluate sales and service performances. All these features present in a CRM solution help you in much smarter and faster decisions making. But before finding a CRM solution, find features you needed for your CRM system according to your business area and volume.

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