Cyber Slander

How to defend yourself from Online Slander

There is a new term we use in our office and it is very fitting for the latest type of attacks against my clients, it’s called “according to word of mouse.” According to word of mouse is the latest way you can come under attack in an online environment.

With use of sites like Google there’s a faster, more insidious way that anybody’s inflammatory comments can reach millions of people within minutes via blogs.

Here are a few not so well known facts about by Cyber Slander;

  • 93% of people who have Googled your name will accept the first page results as factual.
  • Negative information on the first page of Google will affect employment decisions.
  • Customers will now research the reputation of your company with the use of Google.

So much emphasis has been placed on guarding valuable personal information from online identify thief’s, that almost everyone has seem to overlooked how to protect yourself from online slander. Online slander can be just as damaging to your wallets as online identity thief, especially if you’re in an industry that requires you to submit bids and contracts.

Many of our clients at Image Max PR were attacked not by disgruntle customers or employee’s but rather by one of their competitors who was trying to gain a competitive edge. To have one of your competitor places your name in a consumer complaint site like Rip off Report can cost you an arm and a leg to correct.

The GOOD NEWS is you can now control what information is visible about you or your business with the strategies highlighted in the Eraser Max 5.0 System. This affordable but effective resource will help you remove any and all negative items appearing on the first page of your search results.

Source by Tyronne Jacques