Data deduplication, one of the most important innovation in data storage, was first thought of in the past decade. Data de-duplication produces a mother data of all data and this, in turn, saves time and bandwith.

A on-wire (distributed) de-duplication technique which senses duplicate data before the backup starts and hence skips it from the backup. Improved computer performance becomes noticeable with cheaper bandwidth cost. Thus, data de-duplication is a big help to entrepreneurs.

Data protection is a major challenge, which a lot of businesses are seeking ways to solve. Over the years, it is not only the pace of data transfer that has developed but several of its variations as well. Aside from the main copy, data deduplication also maintains a secondary copy of all information.

The technology behind data deduplication surpasses even the best computer backup software. This backup solution works based on a client-triggered mechanism. This allows you to be frugal and efficient about your backup process and also allows you to backup of your data to the server at times and speeds a lot more efficient the the traditional backup process.

Using a laptop while in transit triples the danger of data loss. The protection of your information is dependent on the saving capacity of your computer. If you want to save time and money then you should use a program that supports data deduplication. In contrast to traditional backing up strategies, data deduplication requires less bandwidth.

We see Druvaa inSync as a product/platform to provide de-duplicated (at source) backup for PCs, PDAs and servers. The current PC version promises up to 90% saving on time, bandwidth and storage costs.

The industry seems a little slow in taking this up but signs of it changing are in the air. Amidst the recommendation of the EMC and Netapp, only a few storage and backup vendors take advantage of the data deduplication technology. Change is coming even if it is happening slowly with only EMC announcing a agent/source based de-dup.

Source by Courtney Davidson