Barry Taylor has been day trading for over fifteen years, and he has developed quite the following for his day trading resource website and YouTube tutorials explaining his trading methods in depth. Examining his body of work shows a man of many talents: teacher, trader, programmer, and advocate for a method of trading that is both intuitive and effective.

Revolutionary Indicators

No trader works without indicators, and Barry has developed a set of indicators that are strong and easy-to-use, emphasizing his philosophy of day trading: Trading is hard work, but with strong, uncorrelated indicators we can get a good picture of market activity and make trades confidently.

Barry Taylor’s indicators are all available at his website for traders to use, along with in-depth explanations of their inner workings and what each indicator signifies. Combining traditional price analysis with volume analysis techniques and the principle of cyclical activity, Barry’s trading system provides a three-pronged approach to locating strong trading opportunities. To support this system, he also explains and offers for download his own trading log system, to allow traders to analyze and learn from his successes and mistakes.

Alongside these for-pay offerings, Taylor also has a number of free items for download, including older indicators that are no longer part of his active trading system repertoire and small code snippets that highlight notable market structures.

Barry Taylor At Work

Today Barry Taylor is a full-time day trader working in the S&P500 Emini futures market. He maintains a website as a public forum to discuss Emini trading and develop and refine his day trading methods.

His sheer dedication to this system and the analytical approach that birthed it can be seen in the meticulous work visible at his website, where he documents his indicators and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of older versions as well, showing the evolution of his system and the continuing work that goes into refining it. Each indicator and the reasoning behind it is explained with helpfully labeled screenshots from his actual charting platform.

Alongside this work is day trading advice and analysis, ranging from advice on what markets and vehicles to trade in to how to day trade while traveling. These resources make Barry Taylor’s site a gold mine for any day trader or prospective day trader looking to get a better understanding of the day trading process.

Source by Barry Taylor