Trade Details:

4 Dec RUT 1410/1400 Credit Put spread @0.70 credit each
2 Dec RUT 1660/1670 Credit Call spread @1.00 credit each

3 Dec IWM 167 Long Calls @0.28 debit each

Net Credit: $396
Max Risk: $3,604

Risk Profile

RUT Chart for future reference:

Trade Update – November 5, 2019

Closed Call side:
2 Dec RUT 1660/1670 Credit Call spread @2.40 debit each
Original Credit received was 1.00 per
Loss: 1.40 per spread = $280 loss for 2 spreads

3 Dec IWM 167 Long Calls @0.63 credit each
Original debit paid: 0.28 per contract
Gain: 0.35 per contract = $105 for 3 contracts played.

Combining the $280 loss and the $105 gain, it is a net loss of $175 on the Call side of the position

This is a manageable loss, considering that the Put side contains $280 credit, more than enough to eclipse this loss suffered on the Call side. Also, now the Put side (at 1410) is much safer since RUT has gone above 1600.

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