The skateboard deck is the most important part of the whole skateboard. It is the part to which all other parts are attached and allows all the parts to work together. The deck is what you stand on and what determines how well you can maneuver and operate the skateboard. Your size and the size of the deck are related – if you are a smaller person you can use a smaller deck more effectively than a bigger person. You may have a preference for a deck size but make sure the size you get is the right size for you.

An average skateboard deck is between 7 and 8 inches wide. It may sound like a small range but the size does make a difference in the performance of the board. Think about how you will use your skateboard and what kind of tricks or stunts you want to be able to do. The smaller the deck, the easier it will be to do flips and other tricks.

It is worth it to spend more on a skateboard deck that is well made and will last. You will spend a lot more replacing cheap ones over and over again than you would if you spent more on a good quality one in the first place. You’ll save money by investing in a good skateboard deck.

Your skateboard deck should be a minimum of 32″ long in most cases. There are some people who do special tricks or stunts that may need a different size deck but that’s a rare situation. Although the deck height doesn’t affect your skating as much, you still want to give careful consideration to the deck height before you buy a board.

The nose and tail of the skateboard deck will affect how you are able to skate. A nose and tail that are more curved will allow you to do a wider variety of stunts while flatter ones will be more limiting. It is important that you skateboard allows you to do as much with it as possible. If you hope to master some of the more difficult stunts, you’ll want to look for a nose and tail with more of a curve.

While skateboard decks can be very visually appealing, the appearance of the deck is not what you want to focus on when deciding on a skateboard. It may be hard to resist that perfect looking board, but think about how it will perform and what you tricks will be able to do on it. A board that looks good but doesn’t do what you want it to do isn’t going to make you happy. If you buy a skateboard based on appearance alone, it will probably end up gathering dust in your room and will be a waste of money. Make sure you find a skateboard that will let you do what you really want, not limit your performance.

You’ll have to try out a lot of different skateboard decks before you buy if you want to make the best decision possible. The more kinds of decks you try, the more you’ll get a feel for what they can do and if they are for you. All retail stores should have experts available to give you advice and should encourage you to try out a variety of boards before deciding on one to purchase. Retailers know that the more helpful they are and the more satisfied you are with your purchase, the more likely you will be to shop there again.

Don’t rush into buying a skateboard without carefully considering how the deck will work for you and your style of skating as well as for your experience level. You aren’t going to be happy with a skateboard that doesn’t allow you to do all the tricks and stunts you want to do. Often, new skateboarders don’t put enough thought into choosing a skateboard deck and end up giving up on skating because they get frustrated with their new skateboard. The right skateboard can make all the difference, especially for new skateboarders purchasing their first board.

Source by John