In an attempt to make ends meet, many people start to work two to three jobs a day. The additional income can be very helpful, especially during financial crises, just as what is being experienced by a big part of the world right now.

But aside from time with the spouse, family or friends, people who are juggling several jobs usually sacrifice their sleep. Many believe that sleep is something that they can catch up on during the weekends or that it is not really important in adults. However, not many are aware that a lot of serious illnesses and conditions can develop due to prolonged or chronic sleep deprivation. Aside from physical health, brain functions are also impaired due to frequent lack of sleep. Thus, before you decide to get a third or fourth job, say, as a night guard in a museum or a lounge singer in a casino, read on to know the ill effects of lack of sleep.


Some studies say that sleep deprivation can reduce depression temporarily. If you are feeling a little blue, you may want to skip a few hours of sleep to improve your condition. However, prolonged sleep deprivation can cause irritability and lack of energy. And ironically, individuals who do not sleep restfully for a long time may experience stress, which is a primary cause of depression.

Poor Immune System

Another important reason why you need to achieve a restful slumber every night is the fact that your immune system may be impaired if you are sleep deprived. You will be more susceptible to getting infections and diseases if you do not sleep well at night as you will have a weak immune system.

Experts believe that it is during sleep that your immune system is bolstered or repaired. A study of individuals who took vaccination for Hepatitis A showed that participants who snoozed after receiving vaccination had a much stronger immune response to the drug. Thus, many believe that those who sleep and rest well have an immune system that is stronger than those who do not have good night’s sleep.

Increase Risk Of Getting Diabetes And Other Serious Illnesses

Many studies have confirmed that people who are sleep deprived are at an increased risk of developing diabetes because lack of sleep can wreak havoc to your hormone levels. Aside from diabetes, certain types of cancers are also linked to lack of sleep. Furthermore, aging is also accelerated in people who are not getting the right amount of sleep that the body needs regularly.

Memory Fogs

The brain processes information that you gain throughout the day during deep slumber. Such information are filed and categorized so that they will be easily accessible when you need them.  If you do not get the right amount of slumber every night, your brain will not be able to process the data your brain collected. As a result, you end up forgetting a lot of things.

If you are having trouble sleeping, there are a lot of things you can do. First, you need to relax and reduce your stress. It seems that people who have problems at home and at work find themselves having trouble sleeping. Next, you also need to make sure that your bedroom is dark. Turn off all the lights. Even the red blinking light on your computer can disrupt your sleep. If you can’t do anything about the lighting, you must wear an eye cover to help you attain deep sleep. Lastly, you can also rely on natural supplements to promote a restful slumber.

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Source by Janet Martin