Jake Hammel is the scam artist who brings us the Delta App scam, a total rip off that will rob you blind. At first glance Delta App software might seem like a great automated trading system for binary options, but that is definitely not so. Upon some further inspection and research, it becomes painfully apparent that this is all just a giant scam. Delta App scam software promises to be able to generate over 20K per day, and apparently it does so with near perfect efficiency.

Supposedly we can use Delta App software to become filthy rich in just a matter of weeks, and all we have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as it does all of the work for us. There is a good reason why we are doing a Delta App scam review, and it is surely not because we are impressed with this pile of junk. You are about to find out why this is undoubtedly one of the worst trading programs that we have ever seen to date.


How Does Delta App Software Work?

Besides the fact that you can register for free, and that you are forced to deposit money with one specific broker, there is really not all that much to be said about Delta App software. The whole presentation video is seriously neglectful when it comes to explaining how the program actually works. Yes, they do tell us that Delta App scam software works at high levels of efficiency, has an almost 0% loss rate, and can generate over 22,000 dollars every single day, but past that they give us no info at all.

Jake Hammel is very lax when it comes to disclosing any valuable information about Delta App scam software. The point is that we always want to know what algorithms are in place, what they do, what trading methods are being used, what strategies are in place, which indicators are being used, and so on and so forth. The real problem here is that we are never supplied with any of that info. We don’t know about you, but we are not about to invest any amount of money with Delta App software when we have no idea what it really does.

Delta App Scam Software – Who Is Jake Hammel?

Jake Hammel is the total phony who presents us the Delta App program. Usually these scam artist presenters will make up some bogus story about how they are financial gurus and longtime trading experts, but that is not the case with Jake. We did some background research and we were able to find nothing at all except for his connection with Delta App scam software. This guy tells us nothing about himself, and the reason for it is because there is nothing to know.

When a guy like Jake Hammel has no search results, no biographical info, and no social media presence, it is painfully clear that he is a fictitious and made up personality. This crook does not really exist, so we obviously aren’t about to invest even a single penny with a pile of junk like Delta App software.


Delta App Scam Software – Fake Creation Date

Yet another disturbing lie that came to light when doing some background research on this scam is that the creation date is an obvious fib. During the presentation video, the phony actor tells us that in the past 46 days he has managed to create dozens of millionaires with Delta App software.

However, upon doing a domain registry check, we realized that the website has only been operational since the fourth of April. In other words, these crooks lie through their teeth about the creation date. Plus, you can rest assured that a grand total of zero millionaires were created since its inception.


Delta App Scam Software – False Promises Of Profits

Something else that is totally clear is that Delta App scam software cannot generate over twenty two thousand dollars per day. First of all, there is no explanation of the inner workings of the program, so there is no way for us to confirm whether or not Delta App software is profitable at all, let alone as much as is claims.

Furthermore, even the best automated trading programs in the world can’t generate more cash in a day than around $800 per day at most. It would literally take a whole month for any legitimate trading platform to generate the amount of money that Delta App software promised to make in a single day.

When you take into account what all other legit traders can do, that the guy behind it all is fake, and that there is no good explanation given of how it works, it is quickly obvious that this program can’t do what it promises. Not only can Delta App scam software not generate 22K per day, but it can’t make anything at all. This is a scam and the point of it is to steal your money, not make it for you.

Delta App Software – Scam Broker

The final aspect of this fraudulent program that we need to mention is that it uses a scam broker to steal your money. It is never a good sign when any binary options trading program forces you to sign up with one specific scam broker, let alone one that is not licensed in any way, shape, or form.

This unregulated and unlicensed scam broker is how these crooks steal your money. The broker simply drains your account, and thanks to being conveniently located in a lawless place, they face no legal recourse for it. It takes a real reliable broker to make real money!


Delta App Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line here is that Delta App software is without a shadow of a doubt nothing more than a total cash grabbing scheme. There are just way too many unanswered questions and bold faced lies for us to be able to trust this bogus rubbish heap.

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