If you want to use a good binary options trading system, the Delta Tech app is definitely one to stay away from. There are some truly ridiculous aspects of this particular BO trading system that we simply cannot get over. Apparently, this Delta Tech system almost never loses trades and has the ability to generate over $5,000 per day, every single day. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if this were realistic or true in any way, shape, or form. However, of course, this is way too good to be true.

That is not all of it by far. The Delta Tech software website makes many claims which simply cannot be true. Everything from the owner and the company to the promised results are completely bogus. There is no way that this Delta Tech scam software could ever help you make any kind of profit. We are here today doing this Delta Tech scam review to provide you with fair warning. This is a malicious, very dangerous, and thieving binary options trading platform and this Delta Tech review is going to tell you all about it.

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How Does The Delta Tech App Work?

One of the things which is very off about the Delta Tech system is that we are never told how it works. All we are informed of is that this BO system used advanced tech and groundbreaking algorithms in order to execute lots of profitable trades for us. However, this is not nearly enough to convince us of its merit.

There is no real coherent explanation in terms of the inner workings of this Delta Tech app. We are not informed of any real trading strategies, real algorithms, or market indicator tools being used. We are left completely in the dark about what this Delta Tech app really does. This is not convincing and is honestly enough to make us pack our bags and run for the hills.

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Impossible Delta Tech System Profits

The next thing that we know is a lie about the Delta Tech app is that it can generate $5,000 per day with ease. Well, even the best of the best trading software out there cannot get anywhere close to that. Sure, making $1,000 per day, or even a few hundred dollars more, is completely possible, but making $5,000 per day is not.

Moreover, the information we are provided with in terms of the profits is inconsistent. One area of the website claims to have a $750 per hour profit rate, another part says that this system generates $1,350 per day, and another part says $5,000 per day. These really high numbers combined with total inconsistency is enough to convince us that this Delta Tech system is indeed a total rip off.


Who Is In Charge Of Delta Tech Trading Software?

We are informed that Jake Hammel is the leader of this operation. He appears in the way too long video on the Delta Tech website. He goes through his lines relatively fast, but that does not mean that he is the real deal. We looked him up and we came up empty. This Jake Hamel guy has absolutely no association with this Delta Tech scam except for acting in the video. That is right, he is not the leader of this Delta Tech scam and he certainly did not create it. He is just a scapegoat meant to protect the real criminals behind this terrible binary options trading scam.

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Delta Investments – A Fake Company

Moving on, Jake claims to be the CEO and owner of Delta Investments, the company behind the app. However, we did some research and also came up empty. There is not a single business registry in existence which can confirm that this Delta Investments company is real. In other words, not only is the software itself totally bogus, but the company behind it is too.


Delta Tech Trading App – Unlicensed

Moreover, seeing as the owner of this Delta Tech app is a phony and that the company is non-existent, it stands to reason that this system is not licensed to provide trading signals. There is no way in hell that a fraudulent and anonymous trading system like this could ever get the necessary licensing to engage in legal trading and signals provision. We checked all of the licensing agencies around, and sure enough, this Delta Tech scam app is not licensed at all.




Delta Tech User Testimonials – Completely Fake

Yet another thing that we discovered about this Delta Tech scam app is that all of the user testimonials are completely fabricated out of thin air. None of the people who left Delta Tech user testimonials are real at all. The names are simply made up and the comments are written by the very same crooks that are trying to sell us on this options scam. Heck, the people who supposedly left the reviews don’t even have pictures for identification. These people obviously do not exist at all.


Delta Tech System & Shady Marketing Tricks

There are many things about this binary options system which don’t sit right with us. One of these things is the obvious use of shady and fraudulent pressure tactics often used by unscrupulous marketers. The Delta Tech website claims that there are only 10 spots left to sign up with.

Supposedly, when these 10 spots are gone, we will no longer have access to this bogus trading platform, or we will have to pay tons of money to use it. However, we know for a fact that this is just a lie. It is a classic pressure tactic meant to make people sign up with Delta Tech software before considering the consequences. There are not only 10 spots, which can be proved by refreshing the website every now and then. The spots counter never goes down and there are always 10 spots. This proves that it is just a pressure tactic.

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Delta Tech Review – Conclusion

Based off of all the evidence we have gathered, it is safe to say that this Delta Tech app is indeed nothing more than a scam, so stay as far away from it as you can.

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