Google the most popular search engine was into use for more than century. It is the top most search engine used by ever user of the planet. The work on Google began in 1995 by Larry page and Sergey, its name was decided on the mathematical term for representing by the numerical 1 followed 100 zeros.

Till 1997 the Google named and way of organize was done. 1998 , the new era was begun in august Sun co –founder Andy Bachtolsheim write the check of $100,000 for the entity that does exist , a company called Google In December I was been found that Google  has knack extremely relevant results . The Google has always proven its self as the best search engine options from years know. The style and format of Google make it easy to use and understand it. People says know days Google is the only place where to get answer for every questions been ask people of this planet.

I know Google has shown its awareness to everyone, I will tell you from where did the Google begin its new era and will last till this decade.

Google has its known updates, history and algorithm through which it improvises its top level; let me tell all these things through article

From 1997 to 2012 + future

1997 -2000 

First press release announces the $25 million for Google    

What you visualize you can see that in search engine

Google was released with ten languages in:  French, German, Italian, Swedish etc.

Yahoo made partnership for default service provider

Online activation with a credit card, and launch of Google ad words

Toolbar browser make search possible without visiting homepage

2001- 2002

Access to more than 250 million images for search, were in search engine

Index size grows to 3 billion and 26 languages

4000 news sources were introduced, thus providing query to 2   billion web documents

  2003 –   2004

Content targeted adverting services, enable to publish large     to small access to networking adverting

Coders can know work in Java, C++, C# or VB.

 Orkut made a   tap into the sphere of social networking.

There are 100 Google domains and since is going more than 150.

GOOGLE start with sms services for all the queries on mobile device


Images indexed reached to 1.1 billion

Google maps with features of satellite views and direction

Google Talk enables you to talk with friends quickly and easily.

 Google Analytics, made impact on websites and marketing campaigns.

 Picasa was available in more than 25 languages, and have new features of editing tools

Chat in Gmail account available like g talk so mail and chat both on same time

Google News updates can be seen on mobiles

Google Calendar is launch with complete sharing and group features.

Picasa Web Albums, allowing you to upload and share your photos online.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) adds “Google” as a verb.

A series of blog posts detailing the many aspects of good search results on the Official Google Blog.


 First message on Twitter gets back to binary form

You tube available in more than nine domains: France, Poland, and UK

  Google Translator Tool kit make easier for web page to be in one’s language 

  Any active U.S. service member is invited to sign up for a Google Voice account, to help them keep in better touch with family and friends

Social Search helps you find relevant public content from your friends and contacts right in   your Google search results.

The Google Apps Marketplace is a new online store for integrated business applications that allows Google Apps customers to easily discover

 You can now personalize your Google .com with a background image.

Google Voice is now available to anyone in the U.S.

The Google News homepage is redesigned to make your view of news more relevant and search easy according to the date or day.

Voice Actions for Android are a series of voice commands that let you control your phone just by speaking, this goggle update make phone easy to use.

 3D trees arrive on Google Earth, It provide a way to every destination.

With more than 120 million Chrome users get open with Chrome Web Store for business,   and introduce a pilot program for Chrome OS notebooks.

 2010- 2011

Speak to Tweet: Dial a phone number, leave your tweet as a voicemail, its best to get interact with friends

 Google Maps Navigation now provides routes for you around traffic, gives you a right way on to move own.

The new +1 button lets you publicly give something a “thumbs up,” helping your friends and contacts find the best stuff, they provide you to share your views.

Ad Words Express is a faster and simpler way for small businesses to start advertising online

Android blasts off for a second time, rocketing to the International Space

Google Earth reaches the one billion download mark.

Google + Pages for businesses, organizations and other entities enable you to connect with all the things you care about.

Music beta evolves into a broader platform, Google Music, enabling you to buy, play and share your favorite tunes

Android Market exceeds 10 billion with a growth rate of one billion application downloads.


Search plus Your World is the next step in transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.

Google Earth 6.2 makes search improvements, adds a Google + sharing tool and creates a sees globe out of a previous patchwork of photographs.

This year and coming future with goggle will be going own better and better every year, Google has been more than century its communication will remain till decades.

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