In America, the large Baby Boomer population is reaching retirement age and beyond, and many such persons require hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, some of them have received defective hip implant called a DePuy ASR Hip System, making it necessary to have follow-up or “revision” surgery that adds more cost and suffering to innocent victims. These persons could need a hip implant lawsuit to gain financial compensation for their losses.

Such Depuy hip lawsuits are needed because DePuy, in releasing the product in 2003, unwisely tried a new kind of hip implant consisting of an entirely metallic ball-and-socket joint. That means metal grinds against metal, which in DePuy’s case leads to tiny shards of chromium and cobalt flaking off into the bloodstream or collecting near tissues and bones, causing great pain. Further, such metals are toxic.

These hip implant injuries didn’t have to happen, since DePuy Orthopedics knew for many months, if not years, that its hip replacement device was faulty, yet it failed to yank it from the market until August of this year. Under pressure, DePuy did remove its defective hip implant from the Australian market last year, but DePuy continued to peddle it in the United States. Yet with lawsuits rising against it, DePuy belatedly issued a recall of its device in the U.S.

Even so, how is it possible for a business to “recall” a device implanted in someone’s body? DePuy does so by saying it will foot the bill for hip “revision” surgery to remove the faulty device and replace it with a better one. But DePuy then could keep the defective hip implant, making it harder for sufferers eventually to press a hip lawsuit for damages.

DePuy even has had the nerve to tell victims they should call a “help line” on its website. Yet this line is staffed by an insurance adjuster whose mission is to lessen claims against DePuy. Too, DePuy is known to record such conversations in hopes of using victims’ statements against them in an eventual lawsuit and to claim they were responsible for their own injuries. DePuy already has blamed a military veteran in California in this way.

It’s obvious that persons who suffer a hip replacement surgery injury due to DePuy’s negligence must safeguard their legal rights by doing more than simply contacting the negligent manufacturer which harmed them. Instead, they can notify the national lawyer group of, and then seek a defective medical device lawsuit to claim economic recovery for their medical expenses, lost salary and pain and suffering.

Such victims of DePuy’s defective medical device can seek a DePuy hip implant lawsuit in all 50 states of America. To do so, they can go to and submit a free case review form, or they can call 1-800-332-9988. A legal professional will respond quickly to assist them in sizing up their prospects for a hip surgery lawsuit.

Persons who contact should know that their inquiries will be confidential, and they need not pay for their hip surgery lawsuit until or unless it is successful in court or in an out-of-court settlement. These innocent Americans deserve justice from a mammoth medical device manufacturer (DePuy is part of Johnson & Johnson) which has injured them via its own negligence. And that justice can come thanks to

Source by Bruce Westbrook