Having a calendar magnet right on the refrigerator is a convenience your clients and prospects will truly appreciate. With the staying power of a magnetic calendar, you have consistent visibility and a lasting presence in the homes of your prospects and clients, making this an investment in your referral business. Calendar magnets are smart, practical and permanent, and by adding your best photo and contact information, you should have a custom-made promotional magnet that is eye-catching and truly unique. Soon you’ll be soaring in the real estate market!

Many different businesses and organizations produce calendar magnets for their target audience. Sports teams often order magnets that spotlight the dates and basic details for each game in the upcoming season. Office supply stores prepare magnets of this type so clients always have a phone number or web site address within easy reach at all times. Small, thin calendar magnets fit neatly into a standard business envelope, making it easy to send customers a new magnet through any postal system.

Calendar magnets are thin flexible magnets faced with a calendar. Usually, the facing covers a full twelve-month period and includes the name and contact information for a business or non-profit organization. Magnets of this type are popular promotional tools, and are usually offered to existing customers as well as prospects. There are two basic types of magnets use to create these promotional calendars. One design type resembles a laminated sheet. This design has magnets attached to the back of the sheet, usually one at each corner. A second approach is a thin flexible body with a thin layer of magnetized material on the back.

The great advantage with calendar magnet is that to have a full year calendar available at a glance. In addition, the fact that the magnetic calendar also features the name and phone number for a vendor makes the device an inexpensive but effective public relations tool.

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